Julietta – “Gotta Get Up”

Julietta – “Hard Love” + “Smooth Sailing” // Art: Tauba Auerbach

Julietta brings it on her most recent single, “Hard Love”, a synth-pop anthem on par with Robyn. The minimalistic, yet rich and nuanced drum machine tones are absolutely perfect to fill up the space and bring some size to the tracks. The same goes for the synth chords and melodic swells, drenched in chorus and modulation. Don’t forget the arena-ready hook. Get your lighters ready for that massive final chorus.

Then be prepared to slow things down with the certified jam “Smooth Sailing”. Starting with thick, plucky synthbass before exploding into bright-as-the-sun pop euphoria, it’s a gem that’s ready for all your poolside needs.

Speaking of bodies of water – ’tis the season to revisit Julietta’s excellent “Beach Break,” featured on VINYL MOON Volume 021: Pink Portals.

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Julietta – “Runaway (Yeasayer Remix)” // Naomi Harris

Great to play at a barbecue on the beach while playing volleyball or frisbee with your friends.  This remix of TBE fave “Runaway” adds a more electronic dance spin to the original song to add some more of that indie dance in your life.

Get more Julietta in your life with here killer jam “Beach Break” on VINYL MOON: Pink Portals!

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Julietta – “Runaway” // Sam Bosma

The sparse arrangement on “Runaway” gives plenty of space to Julietta’s lovely lyrics, assuring the listener that they’ve nothing to worry about, because she’s willing to lay it all on the line for you. You can’t scare her off easy. Not even with THOSE dance moves. So keep on doing the sprinkler and the shopping cart – Julietta (and The Burning Ear) loves you just the same.

In fact, Julietta’s even willing to show you how to dance on “Beach Break”, featured on VINYL MOON Volume 021: Pink Portals. Is there anything she won’t do?

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Julietta – “Beach Break” // Daniel Shaffer

Take a moment to pause whatever you are doing and let Julietta turn your world upside down for 2 minutes.

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