JW Ridley – “Jaguar Spring” // Project Backboard

JW Ridley is the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club’s dark, arty film sibling. JW Ridley writes songs that belong in the past but sound like the future. JW Ridley seems like the kind of guy who would be really unassuming in person, but has the stage presence of Kobe Bryant.

JW Ridley is also on VINYL MOON Volume 025: The Space Between.

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VINYL MOON Volume 025: The Space Between

We’re happy to announce the newest VINYL MOON release, the record club that presses ten hot new music artists to vinyl with custom-made visual artwork and design.

Volume 025: The Space Between features art from multi-talented Jack Bloom, whose mystical artwork takes you to a new dimension. A gatefold jacket with arcane symbols and spot-gloss accents holds a see-through magic card, as well as a moving lenticular insert that grabs back. The music is a metaphysical experience in and of itself, pressed on marbled sky-blue vinyl.

Our readers will recognize artists such as Maxim Ludwig, Clans, Black Fly, and more. Undergoing a ritual of this kind

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JW Ridley – “Somewhere Else” // Alexa Sirbu & Lukas Vojir

If you’ve had enough of the summery beach tunes we’ve been slinging your way, the latest from JW Ridley should be a welcome change of pace. Anxious, moody, and expansive, “Somewhere Else” is playing in the background as someone frantically attempts to light a cigarette at night.

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JW Ridley – “1990” // James Jean

“1990”, the new track from recent TBE fave JW Ridley, is a blanket you can wrap yourself with, nestling underneath folds of piano chords and spacey vocals. The best part about musical blankets? You can get snuggly in the warm summer months just as comfortably.

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JW Ridley – “Everything (Deathless) – Part 1” // Xomatok

No matter how ramshackle your life is feeling, things are about to come up rainbows and daisies for those hot stepping feet of yours. Crank JW Ridley’s debut jam in your ears and damn if the whole world doesn’t feel A-OK for a bit.

Out on 10th Feb on limited 7″ (250 copies) via the brilliant team at Speedy Wunderground. Pre-order here. Read more