A Playlist for Stevie’s Postcard Project

So my little buddy Stevie is embarking a pretty big journey tomorrow and I’m trying to help him calm his nerves. He started this Kickstarter project to build some friends to send postcards to. If thats confusing you can check out his project because he explains it better than me. However, I did make him a playlist for his travels and figured I would share it with you guys!

When I played him the playlist he had a few comments I’ll include here. Enjoy and please do check out his project!

1. Coldplay – Postcards From Far Away

Yeah, thats me sending postcards from far away!

2. Paula & Karol – Goodnight Warsaw

Well not “Goodnight” because I haven’t met Warsaw yet so I’m gonna sing “Hello Warsaw!”

3. Rogue Wave – Postage Stamp World

Yea I think thats my new world…

4. Joywave – London

Its dark and weird but I like it. Did I just describe my future feelings on London?

5. Fake Blood – London

Even darker! Woah!

6. RDGLDGRN – Lootin In London

I’ll certainly try not to… and I’ll give stern looks to any looters I see!

7. Jukebox The Ghost – Postcard

A love song about Postcards! My favorite kind of love song!

8. Friendly Fires – Paris
9. Magic Man – Paris
10. Explosions In The Sky – Postcard From 1952
11. Little Dragon – Paris
12. Kate Nash – Paris

Wow its Paris overload time! I was just dancing!

13. Jens Lekman – A Postcard to Nina

Yeah you gotta explain to Nina’s dad whats going on. Sounds confusing!

14. Is Tropical – Berlin
15. The Young Professionals – Fuck Off Berlin

Strong feelings about Berlin! I wonder if my feelings will be that strong…

16. Peter Bjorn And John – School Of Kraut

Its like German surf music! But I don’t think I will be surfing in Berlin…

17. Beirut – Postcards From Italy

I’m not going to Italy but I appreciate the mention of postcards.

18. Bayside – Phone Call From Poland

They should have called this song “A Postcard from Poland” but maybe that never happened to them. I could fix that!

19. Maximo Park – Postcard Of A Painting

I prefer postcards with pictures of rivers or trees or buildings. Just my personal preference.

20. Europe – The Final Countdown

GAH! The countdown is real and I only have hours to pack! Gotta go! 

KATE NASH sings DO WAH DO all the way to PARIS

you said you’d lend me anything, i think i’ll have your company

♫ Kate Nash – Paris

From the first few seconds of album opener “Paris” (above) it’s clear that Nate Nash hasn’t fallen off the wagon as hard as previous leak “I Just Love You More” led us to believe. I discussed my disappointment in the latter song here and it’s great to find that it is the black sheep of Kate’s new album My Best Friend Is You. The good news is that the LP’s 14 tracks are generally very solid, some even great (It was not easy to pick tracks to share with you all). Just an hour ago I was dancing around my kitchen to “Paris” and first single “Do-Wah-Do” (below) can easily have the same effect with it’s handclaps, ‘bum ba dums’ and universally relatable story of thinking that “other girl/guy” is a bitch.

♫ Kate Nash – Do-Wah-Doo

Other songs are equally spunky and upbeat but a few tracks are reserved for Kate’s mellower side. “You Were So Far Away” is just Kate and her guitar sorrowfully yearning for a lover. “I Hate Seagulls” starts off with a laundry list of ‘hates’ before switching gears to count all the things she loves about ‘him.’ It’s sincere, honest, tender and these are some of Kate’s most endearing qualities. On some tracks she gets a bit angsty and angry and even takes a misguided detour into spoken word during the intro to “Mansion Song.” Her passionate delivery is appreciated but I came for the tunes! I wouldn’t even bring it up except for that fact that this in an album I plan on listening to many times so lets focus here. All in all, My Best Friend Is You is more solid and even than Made Of Bricks and shows us that Kate has grown as a woman, a musician, and an artist and luckily we get to enjoy the fruits of that growth. I am only shocked at how little coverage of this album I have seen. Get on it everyone!

What is your favorite track on the album? Are you liking this better than Made Of Bricks?

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} TBE Digest 6 – 2.24.10 [Gorillaz, Lil Wayne, Major Lazer, B.o.B., Broken Social Scene, …]

These Digest’s are tough to do because there are really only two emotions I feel while writing them: disappointment and bewilderment. The former for bands I love that are delivering sub-par baloney and the latter for bands other people love who are delivering sub-par baloney. These opinions are of course only my own and that’s why I persist with this series, because others may be really into these tracks and that is great. Different strokes, ya know. On the other hand, some may just be curious as to what different bands are up to these days. Read it for any reason you want, but know that I write it out of a simple desire to pass along the recent happenings in my musical world that I don’t feel are worthy of their own post. (There seemed to have been some confusion last time) Anyway, read on, trudge through, wade in, sally forth, whatever, just know that this edition is exceptionally long for whatever reason but there are some fun covers awaiting you at the end.

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