Kauf – “Time Pass”

Kauf – “Am I Crazy feat. Overjoy”

[PREMIERE] Kauf – “Limestone (BAILE Remix)” // Garret Kane

Not every thing that goes bump in the night is scary. TBE Fave Kauf is one of our favorite nighttime bump-goers and “Limestone” from his recently released REGROWTH album is no exception. This BAILE remix picks up where the original left off and cranks things up a few notches, adding some smooth bumps along the way. It’s the perfect smokey and haunting groove to warm up a Halloween weekend. Set it on repeat, dim the lights and slip into something a bit more ghoulish.

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Kauf – “Limestone” // Dillon Pringle

With percussion that sounds like erosion in action, Kauf taps into cavernous space and emotion. “Limestone” may use impressionistic lyrics, but there’s no mistaking the frustration and heartache in the song’s core.

Dig further into Kauf with “A Ruin” from VINYL MOON Volume 020: TRANS/MISS/ION.

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Kauf – “Pacify” + remix of Grapell’s “Arrow” // Eleni Kalorkoti

Friday with Kauf means either sinking deep into the water or floating up into the sky. Either way, say goodbye to solid ground for the next few minutes. You earned it.

“Pacify” is the 4th release and opening track from debut LP ‘Regrowth due in early 2017.

Also dive into this killer Kauf remix of recent TBE fave from Grapell! So nice…

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Kauf – “Key to Life” // Loris Cecchini

Don’t zone out or you’ll miss the chance to step through the door and into Kauf’s world of sonic ripples and textures. Just relax and reach an arm through. He will be gentle, I promise.

“Key To Life” is the 3rd cut from debut album Regrowth due early 2017.

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Kauf – “Relocate”

Now that the weather has snapped here in LA and my plastic pineapple cup is put away for the winter I’m gonna be needing a lot more jams like this to drown my autumn sorrows in. Thank you Kauf. Bittersweet but necessary.