[MP3] Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – “World’s Entire”

it can be awfully hard and awfully effortless

♫ Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – World’s Entire

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground ar one of those bands that go back to the pre-TBE days (if you can imagine such a time). Not only was I a big fan of their 2008 self titled debut album, but a huge fan of some of the members’ previous band Gatsby’s American Dream. Anyway, Google them if need be, today is about Kay Kay, more specifically their new song “World’s Entire.” A mellower vibe from from the band but still signature Kay Kay with it’s puree-setting blend of smooth vibes and eclectic instruments. Sit back in your chair and let the sounds melt into your brain.

For a little taste of what they were up to 3 years ago, here is my favorite track off that debut. Amen, Kay. Sing it. I sure hope we will be getting a bit of this irreverent energy on their new album, the interestingly titled Introducing Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground.

BONUS: ♫ Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – Hey Momma’ / S/T, 2008

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[Just Burn It!] Moms are the Best! mix-tape


This Sunday is Mother’s Day in many parts of the world. If you are in those parts, or you just love your mother, then this is the mix for you (and your mother!). Just download it, burn it, and give it to your mother. Don’t listen to it or even read the track names. That way it will be more fun for everyone!

Track-list after the jump. (no peeking!)

Download the “Moms are the Best!” mix

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