[VIDEO] Kenna – “Long Gone”

The longtime music maker and one-time Malcom Gladwell subject is back with a slow burning jam and a twisty noir video to match. Get ready for a ride.

Dubstep Roundup Vol. 29 – 3.10.2012 [The SoniXx, The Roots, Skream, Guinevere, and more…]

Ch-ch-yeah.  Your favorite dub-dealer is back with those bass chunes.

Im down here in beautiful Austin, Tx (although the weather is miserably raining today) getting ready for our TBE Showcase.  This city takes on what is just an electric life during SXSW.  So many people and so much to do, the possibilites in this town are endless.  If you havent been, I highly recommend it.  Im about to go pick up Brandon up at the airport in about five minutes; which by the way, we’ve never met before.  I’ll update you on whether we want to punch each other in the faces tomorrow or not.

On with the jams.

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♫ The Sonixx ft. Laura Newman – You Dont Like Me /  Its exciting for me to see the artists we cover grow and do big things.  Last week Gigamesh released his debuted music video- this week we’ve got The SoniXx releasing his first video.  Check it out below.

♫ Eminem – Lose Yourself (Cry Wolf Remix) / The last of rather impressive set of remixes by Cry Wolf.  You can catch bass lords Cry Wolf at out SXSW Showcase closing out both Friday and Saturday nights.

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[MP3] KENNA may or may not be into whips but i’m into CHAINS

hey don’t sleep on my scare

♫ Kenna – Chains

You may remember Kenna from Malcom Gladwell’s Blink (highly recommended) or from jams like “Freetime.” If you know his music then you already know it sounds nothing like that album art looks and while I may not agree with the guy on that choice there is no arguing with dusky thump of “Chains.” The track seems ripe for a “Thriller”-esque music video treatment. In the meantime we will just have to do some sort of international TBE rock-out to it on this fine Saturday night. Kenna pulled out some serious stops on this one as Chad Hugo of The Neptunes produced it and Paul Banks from Interpol co-wrote it. Kenna’s new EP series is titles Land 2 Air Chronicles and will culminate with is third LP Song For Flight.

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