AMTRAC – “Darkest Sound”

If grandma didn’t want her fine china rattling like a maraca then she shouldn’t have let grandpa put in such a killer hi-fi. This bass was meant to blow the plastic cover off the living room couch and let the dog know who is the alpha (Hint: Amtrac is)  We will dance now and clean up the bowl of hard candies later.  Read more

[VIDEO] The Pass – “Without Warning”

you’ve got it all figured out like a beggar on the street wearing diamonds

Remember these guys from Louisville, KY!? I guess I missed their debut LP and now this comes at us from their sophomore effort and I’m paying full attention. What a song, but the video is truly something. Don’t blink! Ha. Ok, sorry. I’ll shut up now… The Pass‘ new LP Melt is out Nov 6th.

[LP] Sleeper Agent – CELABRASION (w/ “Get Burned”)

i’m not cold, i’m just a shakin’  and a little of your love keeps me a baking

♫ Sleeper Agent – Get Burned Sleeper Agent’s “Get It Daddy” is one of the most refreshing raucous singles of the year, rocking the Kentucky band to the forefront of guitar driven fun times. The video (below) is also one of the years best. The rest of the band’s debut LP Celabrasion continues the rocking goodness that one would expect, hurtling through 12 tracks of big hooks and sing along vocals that rarely beak the 3 minute mark. In these times of lo-fi chillwave mellow jams the raw energy of Sleeper Agent is much welcomed. “Get Burned” (above) and “Be My Monster” are my latest favorites. The album doesn’t redefine anything but it really doesn’t need too when its working the formulas so well. Sleeper Agent is just getting started. I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys’ sophomore effort is a top-ten contender. Read more

[LP] Amtrac – CAME ALONG (w/ “Imprint”)

i feel as if i’ve been cut into a piece of stone

♫ Amtrac – Imprint

Back in August, I reminded you, our readership at TBE, to mark your calendars for September 27th. The date came, Caleb “Amtrac” Cornett released his debut LP, and then seemed to pass just as any day normally would. One thing did not come to fruition that day though, and that is what you are reading now: our thoughts on the LP. Among the many reasons for the delay lies a central one; I really wanted this album to sink in. Pressing play on the album the first time I was quite honestly floored. Was this still the Amtrac I knew? The answer is yes, albeit in different, more complex, form.

Starting off the album is the song linked above “Imprint.” Everything you have come to expect from Amtrac and his signature sound is still very much alive and showcased here: Spinning synths, pounding drums, and powerful chords. The newest addition to his musical arsenal though is much less an electronic instrument, and much more a natural one; his voice. It is present on nearly every song in one way or another, whether is be singing or providing ambient backdrops. “Imprint” sets the very tone for the album, as the LP grows and morphs from there, but never strays very far from the tone set.

There are songs that stand out to me such as “Fame Or Shame?”, “Strange Love”, “Opportunity”, and of course the title track “Came Along.” These songs harken back to the Amtrac of yesteryear, with tracks such as “Venice” and “Overtime” coming to mind, but also integrate the charming, and at times odd, singing of Caleb himself.

But still, even after many listens, I don’t feel as if I can give you a definitive opinion on Came Along as a whole. I think that it would be a disservice to put a label on a project such as this in all honesty. What I can say definitively though is this: Came Along is one of those rare exceptions to the rule. In our current musical era, an album with top notch production quality, crafted with such polish and precision, is a tough thing to come by. This is one of those records.

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud / Website

In Endeavors’ album art needs a Private Eye to find it


there’s a fight going on and it’s to gain trust

In Endeavors – Private Eye

First of all, In Endeavors don’t sound like a UK electro remix duo as their logo makes me think. Nor do they sound like they just lost their dog and their truck as their Kentucky locale makes me think. By now you have pressed play so you don’t need me to explain but put simply they rock. I discovered In Endeavors at the end of last year (from IGIF) and then proceeded to keep their super-jam “Private Eye” all to myself. I even almost wrote about them in March. Then, today, as I am feeling particularly generous I decide to spread the love. A quick Google search later reveals that the Lexington Kentucky 5-piece broke up in May. Shit. Most of In Endeavors remains in a new form as Art Tongues but I am too bummed (lazy) to investigate further. I am happy to just keep Private Eye on repeat and let it’s swinging guitars and driving drums bounce me to a better mood. I mean come on, who can resist a good “ahhh Ahhh AHHH” build up?

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