Kin Cayo – “Shot The Sun Down”

If you are not into Kin Cayo by now, then I just don’t think you will ever fully appreciate hashtags like #islandvibes or #indiecoconut or #steeldrumsforpresident.

Forget the money, we got the honey
We’re bound to no land, starting our own dance

Shot The Sun Down

Kin Cayo – “Wrong Guy”

Sounds like… the perfect blend of lose garage rock and tropical sunshine vibes. Except with a slight dark streak running under the surface that gives “Wrong Guy” a real staying power.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: A full EP coming soon. I’ve heard it and I like it. A lot.

Kin Cayo – “Our Ship”

Music for… setting sail into the rainy winter ahead! A gently funky battle jam for braving the weather with jackets pulled tight around your face. Only 8 people following these guys on Soundcloud but don’t blink because thats sure to increase soon as people get into this beautifully infectious debut jam.

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Future: Single release party tonight in LA at Little Joy. Then hopefully more songs to come soon.

Kin Cayo release party