The 25 Best MUSIC VIDEOS of 2011

Every once in a while I meet someone who casually mentions that music videos are dead and I’m always shocked. Music videos have never been more alive and vibrant than they are now in the age of video democracy online. This post is a celebration of the creative spirit that fights every day to set great songs to even better visuals. You guys are my heroes.

Watch the videos in a countdown stye playlist below or continue on to catch them embedded 1-by-1 with my woefully minimal commentary. 

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[STREAM] King Charles – “Bam Bam”

she keeps me warm in the cold night air

If this isn’t one of the most fun song/video combos of the year then I don’t know what is. It’s been a while since King Charles fantastic “Love Lust” and the man has clearly been up to good things. Sit back and bask in the man’s irresistible charm and the song’s bouncy good times. Then buy it at iTunes on Nov 7th. I just hope he hurries up with a full album. In the meantime I’ll be seeing him in London on Thursday. Sweeeeeetness. King Charles – Bam Bam by King Charles (Official)

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[MIX] SPRING, MY BELLE! /// A TBE Mix For Exploding Into Springtime

After months of gazing out the window and cursing the wintery grey sky we have finally been blessed with the warmth that thaws the bones in a most electric way. This is a mix for celebrating that moment that you open your front door and are slammed with the blinding sunshine that sparks your insides and makes you want to skip all the way to wherever you are going. I’ve kept in lean and mean at under an hour so add your own tracks as needed. Enjoy with reckless abandon. Read more

KING CHARLES has a jam i LOVE, possibly even LUST

with a guitar in my hand, a gun in my hand, i’d give it all up for your hand in my hand

♫ King Charles – Love Lust

England’s King Charles’ only formal connection to royalty is his royally sweet voice and jams that rule. Awful wordplay aside, I’ve got my hands on three of this guy’s tracks and it’ wasn’t easy picking one one for this post. Luckily The Recommender has the other two so after you fall for this song you can grab them as well. “Love Lust” is a soulfully bouncy ode to women that showcases dazzling guitars and galloping rhythms that are about as infectious as it gets. If you aren’t grooving out by the 2:25 mark then there is something wrong with you. King Charles is currently touring all around the UK and I highly recommend you catch his show as we all anticipate a full LP.

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