KIT sound like a bunch of sexy ANIMALS

Kit Animals

your less will be my more

♫ KIT – Animals

Remember when you got yearbooks in middle/high-school and everyone would sign it with some bullshit comment about blah blah and then sign off with “K.I.T.!” Yeah, well the Paris based band of the same name is way more fun than that. “Animals” is the perfect cocktail of sultry Parisian vocals and bouncing electro fun. It’s kind of luck foreplay on a ferris wheel, only with more lazer effects. If you aren’t turned on during the first go-round then hold on until 3:25 when the synth solo comes in and just murders it. Damn, the more I’m listening to this song the better it gets. Seriously, headphone this one and crank it up! No album yet, but a few more jams at their MySpace. Tough to beat “Animals,” though.(Thanks to The Recommender for the tip!)

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