Knox White – “Feel Like Falling”

Knox White – “The Morning-Ft. Nikki Segal” // Art: Ben_On_The_Moon

Knox White joins forces with vocalist Nikki Segal for “The Morning”, an immediately memorable, distinctive track with saturated aesthetics that bring to mind 80s new wave parties in a dark industrial basement. The mix is organic, direct and edgy, allowing the vocals to soar atop the instrumental, and really channel a fuller expressive range.

The synth tones are perhaps the star here: these phrases are fat and fuzzy, with a stark, bass and energetic feel. It balances a dark, mysterious vibe with a disco track you can sing along to after the first chorus. Dig it.

Don’t sleep on Knox’s other new jam “Good Bi Girl” either.

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Knox White – “You’ve been my girl” // Mo Di

TBE fave Knox White took a page out of Childish Gambino’s most recent release and made it his own. Laid back R&B vibes melt over you as you listen to “You’ve been my girl.” I’m imagining a dance-floor on the beach, on the sand, at night, tea lights surrounding you and your loved one as you boogie til sunrise.

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Knox White – “I Tried To Change, I’m Still The Same” // Kim Hee Eun

Knox White funks the door down with his debut single! “I Tried To Change, I’m Still The Same” is a densely layered synth-vox pop lament about a lost love.  The phasing synths and constant beat create a hypnotic state that can transport its listeners to a whole new state of reflection.  Perfect for those slow morning strolls to the middle of nowhere.

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