[MP3] Joywave – 88888 MIXTAPE [w/ “Tongues” (feat. KOPPS)]

JOYWAVE - Tongues (feat. KOPPS)

TBE faves Joywave have never got the love they deserved and their latest stuff is as awesome as ever. They have taken a more dancey and electronic slant since “Golden State” and the 77777 Mixtape but damn it sounds good. “Tongues” features fellow Rochester, NY, peeps KOPPS and sounds like they spent a Red Bull fueled night in the studio with Miike Snow. Damn fresh. Their new 88888 Mixtape features other highlight like “London”, a dark and entrancing piece of ghost-glitch that welcomes movement in the darkness. Dive in and download it all free. Then get into the RAC remix of Tongues for even more delicious funk.

[MP3] Kopps – “Machine”

i need to move and now i need more

♫ Kopps – Machine

I’m betting a good lot of you won’t get the reference in that album art but for you fellow old people don’t fret, Kopps sound nothing like Jonathan Davis and Co although it is pretty damn peachy. Some dramatic synth action mixed with undulating beats and some nice female vocals make “Machine” a great jam for playing on your next hostile takeover of the abandoned docks! Action scene montage! But it’s really no surprise this track is solid as it was produced by Dan Armbruster of TBE faves Joywave. Rochester represent! And Kopps are offering up the song stems so you remixers should grab ’em and do your magic!

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