[MP3] THE VIEW will easily rock me through SUNDAY

oh when i’m looking for something new i won’t ask you

♫ The View – Sunday

You may remember that Kyle Falconer brought the soul to Mark Ronson’s “The Bike Song” but the floppy mopped Scot is also the frontman for The View, another band I hyped to be big in 2009. Hot off Falconer’s guest spot on Record Collection, The View are back with “Sunday,” the anthemic new single from their forthcoming new album. It really sounds like the guys have upped their game and are coming at us tighter than ever and with all guns blazing! It’s like “Sunday” was made from a recipe book about making me want to drive fast and sing along into the wind! And I know it would be a struggle to not clap along while steering with my knee. Something about Scottish accents make huge rock songs just that much more epic. I love it.

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[LP] MARK RONSON & THE BUSINESS INTL have managed to RECORD a damn superb COLLECTION of jams here!

don’t you wanna take a joyride on my tandem? humming on a huffy, don’t i look so handsome?

♫ Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – The Bike Song (ft. Kyle Falconer and Spank Rock)

I never got into Mark Ronson’s last guest-filled album, Version, so I really wasn’t expecting much from this effort (especially after Dave Sitek’s mostly disappointing Maximum Balloon project). The fact is, this is hands down one of the year’s best albums, front-to-back. Ronson blends all kinds of eclectic production with a string of amazing vocalists that all bring their A-game. It’s really not even worth getting into the details of this magic, you just have to dive in! Each song is catchy, danceable, fun, and special in it’s own way. Even the instrumental “filler” track “Circuit Breaker” is so damn solid that I would be writing about it on it’s own. Instead it’s surrounded by such standout indie anthems as “The Bike Song” (above) and “Introducing The Business” or stormy hip shakers like “Somebody To Love Me” (below) or “Glass Mountain Trust (featuring D’Angelo).” It’s pretty damn great to hear my main man Wyatt (from Miike Snow) on a few tracks here. He kills it, as usual.

♫ Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – Somebody To Love Me (ft. Boy George and Andrew Wyatt)

As if orchestrating such a fantastic record wasn’t enough, Ronson has dropped 3 standout videos to go along with them. Start with album opener “Bang Bang’s” retro/future lazer-filled talk show performance and then follow that “story” into “The Bike Song”‘s endlessly sexy romp on wheels. And then there is the “found-footage” compiled clip for Boy George’s “Somebody To Love.” Wow. Well done, Ronson. Well done.

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