Snoh – “Emotional”

Music for… pausing with your coffee cup just short of your lips as you are hit the time-slowing realization that there are simply not enough horns in music today! Its a crime, you shout! Emboldened by Snoh’s rousing (and raspy! Oohhh….) vocals, you stand up and fire off an interpretive dance that pays tribute to your deep love for horns in pop music. That will teach them.

Location: LA, London, Stockholm

Future: A debut EP already out that features Common. So you can damn well expect more greatness soon.

Bobby Nourmand – “The Sound”

Sounds like… a deep sleep dream where you end up at Simon and Garfunkel’s house for movie night but A Clockwork Orange just ended and everyone is being weird and freaked out and its making you freaked out and the only sound is the rustling of chairs, a quiet whimper in the corner, and the hum of the film projector as it runs out (This dream is set in the 60s). But you grab yourself a beer from the fridge, go sit by the pool, look out over the skyline, and find yourself enjoying the night regardless.

Location: NY, LA

Future: Hopefully a more upbeat pick at the next movie night.

Royal Tongues – “The Balance”

Music for… celebrating youth, being free, and acting a little bit crazy. Crank this jam during your next sugar/caffeine rush and prepare to break a sweat rocking out.

Location: Buffalo, New York City, LA

Future: Get into the handful of remixes including ones by TBE faves X Ambassadors, Ra Ra Riot, and Savoir Adore.

The Knocks – “Classic” (featuring Powers)

Sounds like… exactly the kind of slinky Summertime funk we have come to love The Knocks for. Except now they have some sultry vocals (and visuals!) from Powers. I would totally support a full album of this collaboration.

Location: LA / NYC

Future: That full album? Yeah?

[MP3] SAINT MOTEL doen’t need you to PUZZLE over their jam, the PIECES are already in the right places

i gotta say, honestly, when you look at me a gun goes off, deep inside of me

♫ Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces

Now who doesn’t like a rollicking piano line!? Huh? Who!? Exactly. Saint Motel lay it down on “Puzzle Pieces” slapping some bouncy percussion and jangle guitars all over it. It’s unabashed, optimistic, and relentlessly upbeat. Precisely the kind of song that springtime is all about and no surprise that these guys are LA-based. Now if only they had more than one track up on their MySpace! Their Wikipedia does mention a notoriously epic live show, a handful of respectable touring partners, and airplay on both KCRW and KROQ so all sings point to good times.

Listen free @ MOG /// MySpace /// Amazon

FUNERAL PARTY knows that NYC MOVES TO a different beat than THE SOUND OF LA

useless talking about that now, everybody still likes to fuck around

♫ Funeral Party – NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA

Those are bold words to throw out in a song title but LA natives, Funeral Party, are more then welcome to rep my hometown on this jam. From the cowbell, to the propulsive guitar shredding, these guys sure know how to get me moving! And the song is actually apparently about how both trend-setting cities are lame, so think on that for a bit. In fact, don’t. Just rock. The band’s Bootleg EP dropped a year and a half ago but has two more solid cowbell-infused dance-punk jams worth picking up . Even though they just opened for Julian Casablancas on his solo tour nobody stateside except B over at Audio Muffin seems to have them on their radar, and he wrote about this jam a year ago. Funeral Party are finally picking up some traction in the UK where this single is dropping soon and where they recently opened for The Drums. Let’s hope their live show has tightened up ’cause this would be some fun shit to get crazy too!

Bury your face in MySpace /// eMusic too

Eagles of Death Metal land in Warsaw!


I take the city in the dead of night

I’m burning gas until I feel alright

Eagles Of Death Metal – Wannabe in L.A.

California natives, rock-gods, perpetually mustachioed, and hosts of a thrashing good live show, Eagles of Death Metal are ending their European tour right here in Warsaw (Klub proxima on Saturday)! I am pretty stoked on this and will be buying my tickets just as soon as I stop staring at the above cover art….. Ummm, ok, what was I saying? Yeah, if you don’t know Eagles Of Death Metal then you should know they sound like neither The Eagles or death-metal. On drums in Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age and taking the helm is his Jesse Hughes and his awesome mustache. Above is the oft-appropriate and always rockin’ track of their latest album Heart On and below is the track that got me hooked way back in the Christmas of ’05.

Eagles of Death Metal – Whorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn)

Eagles Of Death Metal on MySpace