LANNDS – “Legends” // Mica Warren

Dreamy, moody, and undeniably catchy, “Legends” is here to leave its mark on your brain. Vocally reminiscent of Lorde, but with a glitchy, etherial backbeat, it provides a strangely familiar yet unpredictably otherworldly listen. LANNDS may have just found themselves with a winning pop formula with this track.

LANNDS – “Hourglass” // Martin Whatson

LANNDS uses every inch of sonic space in “hourglass”, filling it with spacious synths, silky lead guitar, and drum fills that echo into cavernous depths. Pair that with a killer chorus, and you’ll want LANNDS to occupy your ears for hours on end.

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[DEBUT] Lannds – “Still” // Rafael Ochoa

When you are feeling lost, know that both Lannds and feel that way too sometimes. Turn up “Still” and sing along with your spirit animal. And then hope that Lannds puts out more songs soon because this debut is stunning.

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