LANY – “Where The Hell Are My Friends”

Sometimes you go outside and your city has changed. Or it has changed you. Or you need a change. LANY knows it. (Bryce Vine too) And damn do I know it. But thankfully LANY’s latest is the perfect jam to crank up loud as you roll around town solo, revisiting your favorite taco spots and sunset vistas and slowly remembering why you love this hellhole.  Read more

LANY – “I Don’t Care” (Flor Remix)

It’s a magical moment when you fully realize that you truly don’t care about them anymore. Sometimes more exhilarating than falling for them in the first place. Add this LANYxFlor tag team gem to the infinite possibilities ahead and put a rose colored spin on the rest of your life. (Only feel a little bit sad that you missed out on both of them on Vinyl Moon…)

[PREMIERE] LANY – “4EVER!” (Shoffy Remix)

If the original “4EVER!” was a memory of a young love fading into memories, then Shoffy’s throbbing sunset rework is waking up from a late afternoon nap and trying to cling to a dream of that love. As you prepare for a night out, you can’t shake the feeling from the dream. You know the images are fading fast so you try and savor every flash that echoes in your mind.

Download the remix for free.

Read more


When the one you love is far away sometimes all you can do is crank up some LANY, pull a scarf tight around your face, and let the fuzzy fabric stir up memories on the back of your eyelids.  Read more

LANY – “Someone Else”

If you weren’t sure if LANY wanted you to take off your clothes then they would like their new jam “Someone Else” to make it crystal clear that they would prefer that you be naked. Trust me, it just feels right. Crank up the tunes and slow-dance around your sky mansion while you wait for the one phone line to the outside world to ring. It only leads to one person’s house. The only person you ever wanted to call. Now if only they would.

Someone Else

LANY – “Bad, Bad, Bad”

Music for… lifting boomboxes high and two-stepping down the boulevard with the volume on max and your crew in tow. It’s 2015 so its totally fine to let loose some public grooves to a song about young crushes and teenage regrets. Especially with our favorites of 2014, LANY, curating the sounds.

Location: Some combination of LA, NY, and your stereo.

Future: The sneaky boys of LANY silently slipped this jam onto the Internet yesterday so keep a close eye on these guys. They aren’t ones for fanfare, preferring to let the jams speak for themselves.

LANY – “Made in Hollywood”

Sounds Like… the kind of Summer romance with epic montages of car rides and hair in the wind and deep gazes and inevitable dancing-with-sparklers-on-the-beach shot. The very reason LA is the destination for dreamers around the world. And why optimist like me don’t mind our eternal sunshine, endless beaches, and endless wind in the hair. Plus, LANY live here now and I’m still in love with their faces (or lack thereof).

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Future: Repeat, repeat, repeat.

LANY – “ILYSB” (Woody’s Produce Remix)

Music for… falling in love over margaritas. Its Summertime and few know the erotic powers of citrus more than Woody’s Produce. The man ignores the So-Cal lime shortage, cooking “ILYSB” in its own juices and serving it up on tostadas at sunset.

Location: Los Angeles. Both.

Future: More Woody’s Produce Summer Citrus Remixes every week!