Krrum – “Moon” // Collin van der Sluijs

Krrum delivers another jams that makes me feel dirty and confused and inspired in all the right ways.

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Marsicans – “Far Away (Saudade)” // Emma Haworth

Marsican’s helpfully explain:

“Saudade, n. portuguese – a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia”

Which helps this make more sense


So when you can’t convey
Can’t find the words to say
You’re feeling Saudade you know
I’ll never be that far away.

Or just crank it up and shine a but of Summer on your rainy day. I am.

From The Absence EP.

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White Royal – “Notice”

White Royal really aren’t that interested in keeping your feet on the ground or your head out of the clouds.  Read more

Krrum – “Morphine” + “Evil Twin”

Best to start disrobing now because its about to be too hot for clothes. And then too hot to sit down. But not because the sofa is on fire (it is) but because your soul is on fire and the only way to douse the flames is with activities I’d rather not type and you would rather not read… Doing them is always more fun.

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[PREMIERE] Deuce & Charger – “Stop The Sky From Falling” Ft Bianca Gerald & Weezy Jefferson

The Leeds, UK, music collective of Deuce & Charger finally follow up their killer groover “Always Broke” with another fine slice of soulful pop goodness. “Stop The Sky From Falling” feels transplanted from another era of classic female vocals. Bianca Gerald’s voice is silky smooth over the delicate breakbeat production. And you gotta love a bit of hip-flavor spiced in from Weezy Jefferson to spice up the soft edges. Give the blokes something to hang onto haha. Anyway, I’m excited to see where Deuce & Charger head next.

Glass Caves – “Out Of Control”

Leeds’ Glass Caves are shamelessly kicking out guitar riffs on “Out of Control” and that is exactly how I like my guitar riffs kicked out. “Out Of Control” is a no holds barred freight train of rock and roll goodness that sound like bit like a beefier Neon Trees. Nice.

Deuce & Charger – “Always Broke” Ft Benn Moore

[soundcloud id=’108517183′]

Amen to this jam right now.

“Always Broke” is the debut track from Leed’s UK based music collective Deuce & Charger and features up and coming vocalist Benn Moore. Deuce & Charger call themselves a “core collective of musicians, performers and DJs enhanced by an ever-expanding family of collaborators” which sounds damn good to me if it is going to sound like this.

Hot Since 82 – “Everyday”

Hot Since 82 - Everyday

It is not every day that I discover an artist named after myself. But it is nice that when it happens they craft such firm groove lashings such as “Everyday.” This is the kind of gentle jam for easing the brain into another weekend without causing the kind of permanent damage that may have resulted from last weekend…