[LP] LES SAVY FAV may have watched SLEEPLESS IN seattle while staying in SILVERLAKE. I’m not really sure.

we hit the hills and we hit them hard, with iron wills and with mastercards

♫ Les Savy Fav – Sleepless In Silverlake

Les Savy Fav are one of those bands that I have been hearing about fooooooorever but never heard their music. Their latest album Root For Ruin has been making suck a racket on the music blogs that I decided to check it out. While the album is some solid guitar rock and there are a handful of jams it doesn’t really stick with with me as a whole. Lead single “Sleepless In Silverlake” is another story. If all the tracks on Root For Ruin were this instantly catchy and memorable then I’d be on board for sure! That guitar kicks things off so right and the rest of the song follows suit! Other favorites on the album include the churning driving anthem “Let’s Get Out Of Here” and the guitar n’ drums head bobber “High and Unhinged.” Any Les Savy Fav fans want to set me straight? Perhaps some other recommended tracks for a casual newbie like me?

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