Slowes – “U” // Lili Des Bellons

“U” is a swell of emotion and moody feelings wrapped up in a downtempo indie rock blanket. The impact of the crooning chorus of “I don’t want you” perfectly matches the synthy, drum filled backing instrumentation. Time to go find the nearest peak overlooking the glowing city lights for some intense contemplation leading to a hopeful revelation.

Memoryy – “Not Over You” /// Lili des Bellons

If you’re looking for a technicolor breakup anthem, Memoryy’s got your fix. From his album “Skeletons,” out now via Keytarred and Feathered, “Not Over You” is wonderfully executed synth-pop with a palpable love for the genre. Catchy and flourescent, the track is bound to be a fist-pumping moment on dancefloors far and wide. You can get even more Memoryy with “I Thought You Needed My Love”, a collaboration with Odd Year, which can be found on VINYL MOON Volume 019: Sacred Dust.

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