Lions Head – “Firecracker”

This new bouncy folk-groove jam from Lions Head arrives just in time for you to throw all your weekend essentials into a bandanna and tie that thing around a stick before you head out to train-hop your way into the heart of the next firecracker who will burn bright before breaking your heart, sending you back home with an empty bandanna but a full soul.  Read more

[MP3] Lions Head – “Begging”

Sounds like… a stripped back Hunter Hunted if produced by Milky Chance and the whole thing just happened really impromptu when everyone was sitting around a bonfire and roasting sausages and drinking beers and then some guy says he has a recording studio in his Orange 1974 Volkswagen bus. Not sure if thats how it really happened but probably something similar.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Future: Free download. Happy Friday.