Little Daylight – “Glitter and Gold”

Little Daylight - Glitter and Gold

tonight we’re electrical, unchained like an animal

New Little Daylight jam is making me think the lackluster SXSW set I saw was just growing pains and not an actual sign of things to come. Here’s to hoping that bubbling dance pop gems like this are where we are headed with them!

Remix Roundup Vol. 70 – Approx Feb 2013

100-bolt-paddedYup, another “better late than never” roundup coming at you straight from arctic February. But turn that frown upside down because it is Friday and you have the tunes to do the night justice. With warmer weather comes looser limbs. Move them.

Little Daylight – “Overdose”

Little Daylight - Overdosesee your face in my reflection, whisper more and more 

Little Daylight grabbed our ears with some of 2012 catchiest remixes and now their first original single is burning up my iTunes on the regular. “Overdose” is the kind of big infectious dance-pop tune that seems familiar even at first listen. It’s like your ears know it will soon be a dear friend. They are right.

[REMIX] Passion Pit – “Constant Conversations” (Little Daylight Remix)

yeah they love you when they need you, but someday you’re gonna need to find some other kind of place to go

♫ Passion Pit – Constant Conversations (Little Daylight Remix)

“Carried Away” is my favorite song on the disappointing new Passion Pit album but luckily the snoozer “Constant Conversations” gets pepped up here. Little Daylight already did right by Freelance Whales so no surprise their hot streak continues with this funky gem. I love those drums and grindy synths.

[REMIX] Freelance Whales – “Spitting Image (Little Daylight Remix)”

our lights got sucked in and our bodies keep on lifting off the sheets

♫ Freelance Whales – Spitting Image (Little Daylight Remix)

After Freelance Whales’ debut album was one of the best of 2009 and one-off 2010 single “Enzymes” sounded so good, I had high hopes for their follow up! Then I just couldn’t get into the first single “Locked Out.” Luckily this remix is an express train out of bummsersville. If this was the evolution Freelance Whales had made I’d be all over this album!

Remix Roundup Vol. 67 – 6.26.2012 [Matt & Kim, Feist, St. Lucia, J.Cole, and more…]

And just like that.  I’m back with more remix madness for your Burning Ears. Remix Roundups are a collection of the freshest remixes on the planet.  You can search high and low in this world or another, but you won’t find a remix series this dope in this galaxy or the next –  For we are from only space.

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Passion Pit – Take A Walk (The M Machine Remix)  / First we had the glorious Pecking Duk remix and now this and its not even Christmas.  The M Machine, hailing from the Bay Area have created a straight up slappin mix here.

La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (Data Remix)  / Not a new tune by any means, but what a chune it is… How this song somehow slipped through the Lights & Music cracks blows my mind.  Without further ado, enjoy.

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