Remix Roundup Vol. 41 – 4.1.2011 [THE SOUNDS, PAROV STELAR, PHANTOGRAM, BODY LANGUAGE and more… ]

Party people of the world we have some serious fire for you this time round! What could be considered the best group’n of remixes we’ve put together in a long time awaits you below. We realize its April Fools Day but there is absolutely no fooling around going on up in here. This roundup is the opposite of April Fools Day. Let’s just say we wanted to make sure and counter all the dumb jokes that might be taking place (thats right, even our own). TBE has your back. Now grab that mouse and get-a-clicking!

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♫ The Sounds – Something To Die For (Kids At The Bar Remix) / Holy hell!  Two of our favorite musical entities together?  How delightful!  Kids At The Bar just doing what they do.  We wouldn’t expect anything less.

♫ Peter Bjorn & John – Second Chance (RAC Mix) /André Anjos of RAC tweeted that he has been wanting to remix Peter Bjorn & John since the beginning.  Well, we’re glad they waited, because it turned out swell.

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LITTLE RED like COCA COLA. I like Little Red.

Little Red

i’m gonna savor the taste on your lips, i never waste a kiss

♫ Little Red – Coca Cola

Little Red are from Australia and have made this super-bouncy/jangly/wooo-oooo filled jam that I like a lot better than it’s namesake. Sit back in your chair, pop open a Pepsi, and enjoy. Their Coca Cola 7″ is out now and includes “It’s Alright” which is the decidedly less sugar-infused but still has great vocal harmonies and wooo-oooos. (I am a sucker for wooo-ooos.) I like the loose energy in these guys and am hoping for big things.

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