Lizzy Land – “Call Me (Dave Edwards Remix)” + “Messed Up” (nicopop. poolside Remix)

The ever-amazing Lizzy Land just dropped a full EP of remixes and it is exactly what we needed for this hot weather and impending weekend.

Lizzy Land – “Losing My Head” + intro music plays EP

So excited for this release! Lizzy land instantly became a fave with “Sweet Melodies” back in 2016 and its been a long wait for this lovely EP from her. “Losing My Head” is my jam for all weekend!

Los Angeles, I’ll be at her EP release show at The Lyric on June 27th at The Lyric. Come dance and hang.

Lizzy Land – “Call Me”

Lizzy Land – “Messed Up”

Lizzy Land – “Bad Things” // Art: Igor Pjorrt

Lizzy Land is a driven singer/songwriter whose sound is a lush combination of vintage vibes and modern melodies, combining synth-driven new wave with interesting modern indie-pop vibes. Her most recent single, “Bad Things” is a particularly strong composition, featuring warm synth tones, along with present and lush vocals that have a stark and expressive feel.

If you enjoy the work of artists like Ellie Goulding, Daughter or Halsey, this will be right up your alley. The production aesthetics are really impeccable, and the tone of this release truly speaks for itself.

For more Lizzy Land, check out “Sweet Melodies” from VINYL MOON Volume 021: Pink Portals.

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Schier – “Holding Out For You” (feat. Lizzy Land) // Casimir Lee

“Holding Out For You” is a happy-go-lucky, hopeful love song that embraces its confidence and swagger.  Lizzy Land’s vocals command the song’s direction while Schier’s production work proves dynamically diverse and versatile.  When you’re head is floating through the cloudy ships of love, this is one to play, night or day, work or play.

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Ben Phipps – “Mrs Mr” ft. Lizzy Land // Nuria Riaza

Oooh yes please!The awesome Ben Phipps teams up with our beloved Lizzy Land for a killer combo jam that is full of silky bounce that is perfect for Friday evening. This is like when two of your favorite friends hook up and you realize that they make a great pair and you want to invite them out to everything you do.  Got go crank it up on repeat!

Get more of both artists on VINYL MOON! Ben Phipps with “Don’t look Back” on Volume 012: still. life. and Lizzy Land with “Sweet Melodies” on Volume 021: Pink Portals.

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Lizzy Land – “Beat Goes On” // Revok

I’m really at a loss as to whether Lizzy Land’s “Beat Goes On” is better suited for sunny skies or nocturnal celebrations. Her coy voice and pulsing beat really lend themselves to disco balls and dance floors, but there’s sparkling guitars and tropical percussion that scream little cocktail umbrellas and beaches. Guess you’ll just have to listen to it 24/7 and find out for yourself.

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