Kai Fish – “Mad Dogs and Englishmen (feat. Alassane Sy)” // Lubaina Himid

With a cryptic, classical-inspired opening that leads into a bumpy, rockin’ hand-clapping rhythms, slam poetry vocals, and a vast electronic production, “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” is a complex sonic experience.  To say it’s eclectic is an understatement.  Soundtrack Kai Fish for those night drives racing through the empty highways under the celestial sky.

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Best Friend – “Fell 4 U” // Vacuum

Best Friend create music that ushers in disco funk for a new generation, without making it sound overly recycled.  “Fell 4 U” ingeniously blends the rhythms of disco dance funk with the production and beats of modern EDM (Mura Masa x Earth, Wind, & Fire?).  Perfect soundtrack for your impromptu photo shoot for 70s night at the club.

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Shane Euston – “Toxic Love” // Calypso Mahieu

No part of Shane Euston’s menacing track expects something good to happen from this relationship. From lyrics like “There will always be a place for you by my side / Day or night / You know that’s it killing me” to the subterranean bass that slithers beneath the entire song, there’s no doubt in the singer’s or the listener’s mind that this is gonna go wrong. But the hurt and the song is too good to turn down. This would be the poison that we’d pick every time.

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[PREMIERE] Fred Page – “Saw It Off”


“Saw It Off” is about letting go of the things holding you back from where you want to go, and every aspect of the song commits to that feeling. From the jaunty guitar line that’s practically jumping out of the speakers, to the way the beat seems to get shut off for a second at the end of the choruses, Fred Page makes each element contribute to themes of his lyrics. “I turned away from all the bridges I burned on the way” is a rallying cry to move forward while also acknowledging the speaker’s own role in holding himself back – something stated even more directly in the repeated question “What am I waiting for? It’s only gonna weigh me down”.  The result is reminiscent of Ben Howard, but much livelier and easier to envision in an arena. “Saw It Off” might just be your next big hands-in-the-air anthem.

Saw It Off

ISLAND – “Try” // Ian Cumberland

With a delayed and phased synth to open up the song, ISLAND’s “Try” establishes a unique sound that blends into an organic one.  The deep bass lines perfectly complement the high registers of the synth and guitars, which create a dense platform for the smooth vocals to shine.  Perfect for a midnight drive through the empty streets of downtown, as if the synth was reverberating off of the looming skyscrapers.

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JW Ridley – “Jaguar Spring” // Project Backboard

JW Ridley is the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club’s dark, arty film sibling. JW Ridley writes songs that belong in the past but sound like the future. JW Ridley seems like the kind of guy who would be really unassuming in person, but has the stage presence of Kobe Bryant.

JW Ridley is also on VINYL MOON Volume 025: The Space Between.

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Holy ’57 – “Bombay – Nairobi – London (Repeater)” // JonOne

This groovy, funky, jazz fusion tune sounds like a large ensemble arrangement of a Mattson 2 groove.  Perfect for an exciting adventure through downtown with some stops along the way, and a good way to pump you up for the rest of the day.

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Lyves – “Holding Back” // Kim Cogan

Lyves weaves her emotion through an industrial soundscape and a hauntingly beautiful piano.  The song can be both chilling and comforting.  But whether “Holding Back” aches your pains or helps wash them away, you’ll find yourself wanting more of Lyves superior vocals.

For another dose of catharsis check out “Free” from VINYL MOON Volume 023: Metamorphose

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