[PREMIERE] Touch Tone – “Perfect Lover (feat. Van Bobbi)”

Those of you “in the know” have been loving this song for a while now – it was featured on VINYL MOON Volume 011: Night Eyes – but today, “Perfect Lover” is officially released for all of your digital listening desires! And it couldn’t have better timing, because it’s a bonafide summer jam. Touch Tone’s disco rhythms pump along to rich, deep, synthy goodness. TBE favorite Van Bobbi makes singing instantly catchy hooks seem like child’s play. There’s already a light show in my head as he chants the title lyric, silky backup vocals crooning out “Oooh”s like nobody’s business. Time to get those dancing shoes re-soled. We’ll see you under the disco ball.

DYAN – “Cycling Trivialities” (cover) // Art: Fredrik Lerneryd

Updating the placid finger plucked guitar to cosmic bell synths and Jose Gonzalez’s police voice to the precise vocals of Alexis Marsh, DYAN’s cover of “Cycling Trivialities” is elegant and considered. Despite the challenge of the song resting on the same chords for most of its duration, DYAN gradually adds subtle twists and touches that, by the conclusion, immerse you in an expansive, ethereal world. Airy textures swirl above you in ways that would be trivial on their own, but mean so much more in context with everything else.

Afterwards, queue up “St. James” from VINYL MOON Volume 010: Dry for more clouds to get lost in.

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Chris Ayer – “Heavy” // Miro Denck

With heavy, sorrowful vocals combined with the spacious production and hard-driven guitar and bass lines, Chris Ayer’s “Heavy” is sure to emotionally capture you in his melancholic bubble but still give you a fun time.  Perfect for an immersive and reflective day people-watching at the seaside.

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HAWAI – “Alive” // Ariel Davis

Surf’s up, guys and gals, because HAWAI as introduced the world to surf indie rock with “Alive.”  With surfer rock drum rhythms, heavy guitar soundscapes, and quintessential indie rock melodies to swoon over, “Alive” instills the energy and excitement that comes with finding that perfect wave of music.

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Thunder Jackson – “Guilty Party” // Thomas Danthony

“What exactly is a Thunder Jackson?” asks a woman near the beginning of Jackson’s own track, “Guilty Party.” Thunder Jackson himself quickly answers that question in the only (and coolest) way he can: a song full of swagger and soul.  With booming drum beats, striking bass notes, electronic textures, and a few sweet guitar licks here and there, “Guilty Party” is probably the only song you’ll need to get your acoustic dance party going.

Georgi Kay – “Guilty Pleasures” // Casey Weldon

Georgi Kay’s “Guilty Pleasures” is a song that embraces the impulses of love and lust.  With a swaggering production and beat coupled with majestic electronic instrumental brass lines, “Guilty Pleasures” is the soundtrack to the slow motion pan between two soon-to-be lovers’ gazes, perfect for color-splashed nights at the nightclub.

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[PREMIERE] Shoffy – “Motions”

Do you ever feel like you are “drowning in the ocean”? TBE Favorite, Shoffy does and we do too. With his Premiere Music Video for “Motions”, Shoffy brings us into the life of a lonely guy just trying to make it through the day. This track is one of many heartfelt tunes off his self-titled EP ‘Shoffy’ out now. Set in suburbia, Shoffy shines light on the monotony of the every day. Scenes revolving around clumsiness, frustration, and being overwhelmed by your day job can sum up this anti- fairytale of a music video. Keeping it real and keeping it relevant are two things that Shoffy does in his sleep. Before you hit the pillow, take a few minutes to watch this more than relatable premiere video of “Motions”.

If you want to hear more of “Motions”, you can also find Shoffy on VINYL MOON Volume 026: Nightshining.

Knox White – “I Tried To Change, I’m Still The Same” // Kim Hee Eun

Knox White funks the door down with his debut single! “I Tried To Change, I’m Still The Same” is a densely layered synth-vox pop lament about a lost love.  The phasing synths and constant beat create a hypnotic state that can transport its listeners to a whole new state of reflection.  Perfect for those slow morning strolls to the middle of nowhere.

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