WORLDS – “Strange Feeling” // Thomas Danthony

“Strange Feeling” is the song that captures a precise moment in time, an emotional snapshot of romantic re-ignition.  With pure psychedelic indie pop vibes, WORLDS’ “Strange Feeling” is perfect for the perpetual beach bonfire in your life.

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Young & Sick – “Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)” // Catherine Song

If you think you know what you’re getting from this cover, you might be surprised. TBE favorites Young & Sick give the Fleetwood Mac classic a plinky, modern treatment before an abrupt shift into the funkiest gear halfway through. Suddenly all the things you’re expecting get tweaked, reworked, and grooved out. And we couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

Speaking of tweaking and reworking, check out the music video below featured chopped, screwed, mangled, and psych’ed out revisions of the album art from Rumours.

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NoKillShelter – “Brigitte” // Snøhetta

Sometimes you’re feeling a little dark and mysterious. Sometimes you’re feeling a little jazzy. And sometimes you’re feeling…French. “Brigitte” is here to cover all your bases with a trip-hop beat pulsing behind liquid trumpets and some vocal samples with a certain je ne sais quoi. Perfect for pondering life’s mysteries while exhaling a big cloud of cigarette smoke.

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Durante & Amtrac – “Pray” // Maria Menshikova

It’s tough to make a track equally suited for moody bedroom listens and for filling the dancefloor, but Durante & (TBE Fave) Amtrac pull it off with the evocative song “Pray”. There’s a lot to explore and dissect if you’d like. Or you can just as easily shut off your mind and let your hips do the thinking. Either way, it won’t be leaving your playlists for a while.

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[LIVE] TBE Presents Freedom Fry at The Peppermint Club on 12/6

Vinyl Moon alumni Freedom Fry is playing a show! They were featured on Volume 15: Taking Shapes with their terrific cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

TBE fave (& Vinyl Moon artist), STAL, are also playing!

It’s going to be an excellent time, so hopefully we’ll see you there. Link to get tickets HERE!

[PREMIERE] Rattlerette – “Here Be Dragons”


There’s a lot of things that Rattlerette sounds like, but there’s nothing that sounds like Rattlerette. Their brand of rock feels gothic without being “goth”, more reminiscent of glaring statues and dramatic arches than graveyards and black eyeliner. There’s a gorgeous vintage lushness to their recording, as demonstrated by the retro record header used in their artwork. But “Here Be Dragons” also feels distinctly of the now – a feat difficult for an indie rock song to achieve in 2017. The drums are all R&B shuffle, and but the rhythm is really pushed by the flow of the bass and the synth swells that gently lean you forward like a dance partner who knows how to lead. Angelic piano and the choruses’ backing choir may set your mind heavenward, but lyrics like “I’ve been livin’ with the sinners” and “I’ve been searchin’ for grace” make the song aimed at the impious. “Here Be Dragons” may not save your soul, but it will fill it to the brim.

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Julian Gray – “Navigate” // Brad Gray

It takes a minute to lumber over to the fridge and crack my ice cold Crystal Pepsi, but once a few sips hit my lips, I’m ready to fly! Cranking “Navigate” makes me want to grab my hover-board and shred into the neon sunset with a fingerless glove pumping to the sky! If I’m not back in 5 hours… don’t bother looking. I’m so far into the next dimension I can’t even send a postcard.

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Sleeping Lion – “Stop It (Stripped)” // Ping Zhu

“Stop It (Stripped)” is a somber, melancholic anthem and ode to the end of a relationship, whether it be a romantic companionship or friendship.  With booming drums, striking piano chords, and a particularly tearful viola (and string quartet) to accompany the soft vocal harmonies, this fantastic arrangement of a song that was originally electronic is sure to pull at the heartstrings in a new way as you feel the nostalgic aura the indie folk sound produces.

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