[DEBUT] Rattlerette – “In The Black” // Ian Francis


Opening with a warning swell and the line “Tired of worrying about the future”, Rattlerette have penned a biting commentary on those who profit from the ceaseless grind of those laboring in the middle. The song is driven by bright piano chords and a tense bassline that underpin the sharp swing of the drumkit, but it’s the menacing guitar in the chorus that really gives the song its anthemic, we’re-not-gonna-take-it quality. As more voices join in on the rallying lyrics – “If I don’t stand, I’ll fall back” – you realize you’ve begun pumping your fist for more than the rhythm of the song.

If this debut track from Rattlerette has you half as excited for them as we are then you’ll be pleased to know there are more (killer) jams coming very soon…

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Eric Sharp – “Take This Time ft Zhao” // Eiko Ojala

Perfect music for rockin’ an oddball runway show or a inter-dimensional photo shoot.  This song’s production creates a spacey soundscape that manages to stay grounded with its extensive use of electronic dance instrumentation, as well as its use Zhao’s hypnotic vocals, urging listeners to seize the moment and stay in the reality dimension of space and time.

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Shelita Burke – “Drive” // J. Louis

This majestic electro pop song creates a beautiful blend of electronic synth, synth strings, Flume-like beats, and Burke’s clean vocals to convey its vast atmosphere.  The emotional end result is a song of longing for a loved one’s companionship, soundtracking the feelings of attachment and perfect the nights in with a significant other.

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Buyepongo – “Sueltan Fuego” // Michael Page

This pool-dance party tune is heavy with Latin rhythms and grooves bound for an simultaneously exciting and relaxing day in the sun.  “Sueltan Fuego” contains elements of jazz and rock with improvised solos and lines from the saxophone and guitar. Enough goodness to feed everyone at the Saturday backyard BBQ!

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MONOGEM – “Gone (Paperwhite Remix)” // Hassan Hajjaj

From the massive war drums to the resampled chorus that’s a hook in and of itself, everything about this remix screams “anthem”. Paperwhite takes Monogem’s already-powerful single and gives it even more put-your-hands-in-the-air-ability. Which is a pretty important metric, if you ask us.

Don’t sleep on the original mix, either:

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LaCore – “Skulls” // Kelly Denato

There’s more rhythm in this little ditty than you find in most decades-old bands. Pass some shakers, castanets, and noisemakers into the crowd and let everybody shake it out for “Skulls”.

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OYLS – “In The Light” // Lucas Zanotto

“In The Light” was made to be played at weddings. Lots of fun and appropriate for fans of indie pop, disco, jumpy guitars, and vocal sampling. Guaranteed (for better or worse) to get Aunt Cheryl out of her seat and onto the dancefloor.

Keep the party going with “Maps” from VINYL MOON Volume 017: Libertas.

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Ben Bostick – “Anna Karina” (Unreleased) // Peter Adamyan

Ben Bostick dials in the nostalgic heart-ache in this bonus track from his self-titled debut, managing to bring a smile to the edge of your mouth at the same time he draws a tear from the corner of your eye. Sweet, sad, and simple, “Anna Karina” is a lovely addition to his already remarkable portfolio.

For more of Bostick’s rustic hurt-so-good, revisit “Sweet Maria” from VINYL MOON Volume 017: Libertas.

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