Cones – “Whatever You’re Into” // Leilani Bustamantes

Cones have officially transcended the overused “psychedelic” and are now fully into the “metaphysical” territory. Think less “orbiting in space” and more “astral projection of the thought-self into the void where we are all one”.

tl;dr This is a really cool song.

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Jeffrey Paradise – “Dream With You (Original)” // Lia Tuia

Jeffrey Paradise is half of the aptly named duo Poolside. His solo work continues in a similar vein of chilled-out nu disco, but with a distinct, worldly twist. Mandjou Kone’s vocals and the swirling twangy guitars blend African influence with the Latin rhythms, which is a wordy way of saying that you’re going to want to listen to this in the sunshine.

Now take a ride on the Instrumental version. When your brain needs full vacation mode.

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Gavin Turek – “Birdie Bees” // Aleia & Alex

LA’s golden goddess struts back into the frame with “Birdie Bees”, a funky jam with extraterrestrial vibes reminiscent of Janelle Monae, but with a distinctly west coast feel. Swagger oozes from every part of the track. This is convertible-top-down music.

For more from LA’s disco queen, check out “Don’t Fight It” from VINYL MOON Volume 002: Familiar Mystery.

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raener – “No Sun” // Tyler Haywood

The latest from raener is a intricate, orchestrated affair showcasing brass blooms, guitar swells, and a walking piano line that transforms over the course of the piece. It’s grand climax would have been easy to overdo, but there’s a great maturity and musicality to the arrangement and voices here – all pointing to great things off their second EP, to be released on Danger Collective.

To tide you over, revisit “Miles 2” from VINYL MOON Volume 020: TRANS/MISS/ION.

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Ben Phipps – “Mrs Mr” ft. Lizzy Land // Nuria Riaza

Oooh yes please!The awesome Ben Phipps teams up with our beloved Lizzy Land for a killer combo jam that is full of silky bounce that is perfect for Friday evening. This is like when two of your favorite friends hook up and you realize that they make a great pair and you want to invite them out to everything you do.  Got go crank it up on repeat!

Get more of both artists on VINYL MOON! Ben Phipps with “Don’t look Back” on Volume 012: still. life. and Lizzy Land with “Sweet Melodies” on Volume 021: Pink Portals.

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thanks. – “Loose Gun” // Said Dokins

Whether you’re drawn in by the sing-along-ability or the Big-Moment halftime chorus stomp, thanks. gives you plenty to come back for in their latest single. A perfect piece of pop music cotton candy to perk you up during the summer.

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El Ten Eleven – “I’m Right Here (feat. Emile Mosseri)” // Elena Limkina

Easing slightly off their typical guitar-driven spectacle, El Ten Eleven’s second single with guest vocalist Emile Mosseri swaps their bombast for something a little more heart-wrenching. What they keep is the blissful layering of parts, making the three musicians sound like an entire orchestra.

Freedom Fry – “Brave” (Freedom Fry Remix) // Fabio Viale

Who says you can’t remix yourself? Freedom Fry takes their festival anthem “Brave and moves it to the dance tent so you can get your confidence-boost while you boogie.

For more Freedom Fry jams, revisit their cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from VINYL MOON Volume 015: Taking Shapes.

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