FYOHNA – “Ghost Heart” // Lisa Ericson

been screaming for so long now

my voice has become white noise

FYOHNA knows where you’ve been and where you’re at, and she feels you. Which means you’re gonna feel this song.

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Kan Wakan – “Phantasmagoria Pt. 1” // Soey Milk

Kan Wakan takes on a journey with “Phantasmagoria Pt.1” that I can only hope is followed by a Pt 2. This is just the kind of shuffling groove, gentle horns, breezy strings, and sweet vocals I need on a day like today.

The eclectic Kan Wakan has released a handful of tracks leading up to his debut 3xLP and I’m excited to see where he takes us next.

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Georgi Kay – “SCARY PEOPLE” // LUDO

Georgi Kay’s “Scary People” is a haunting swirl of grooves and thumps that echo the rhythm of living in 2017 and being frightened every time we turn on the news. So when things get a bit much in the real world I’m glad to retreat to Georgi’s where I imagine that creature in the single art is at least on my team…

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JP Saxe – “Changed” + Video // Daniel Shipp

And I hate that my whole family’s gotta ask me how you’ve been
You know me better than I wish you did

JP lays his already raw heart on the table in “Changed” and I can’t think of a better way for him to heal. This song has so many people healing right along with him. A couple more spins and we might be all better.


“Changed” on Spotify.
Download on iTunes.

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[PREMIERE] Rival Cavves – “Sauced”

We’re big fans of Magic Bronson, so when we were sent the latest track by Rival Cavves – consisting of Magic Bronson’s Matthew Lieberman and Marissa Longstreet of SLUGS – we were intrigued. After a few listens, we were hooked. It’s hard to use The xx blueprint of male/female vocals atop guitar-laden electronic beats while managing to sound nothing like the indie behemoths. But Rival Cavves imbue their brand of indie-dance with plenty of Southern California sun, carving out their own unique corner of the spectrum. “Sauced” blurs the line between the intoxicating obsessions and miseries of a troubled romance as Longstreet’s distinctive vocals give edge to Lieberman’s dynamic production.

Get lost in “Sauced”.


thanks. – “Your World” // Natalie Greenroyd

Take off that suit and tie
And find something else to wear

Grab your swimsuit (or don’t…) because the debut single from thanks. (period included) is an instant summertime party jam for soothing your hot-dog burnt tongue with a plunge in the pool. Diving board guitar solos and underwater sing-alongs highly encouraged.

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[PREMIERE] Van Bobbi – “Cruel Intentions”

From the first obscured keyboard chords to the distorted vocal sample sprinkled throughout the track, “Cruel Intentions” has more happening than first meets the eye. Van Bobbi, previously known as Collage, sings about a manipulative, controlling lover that he can’t get enough of. Along the way, underwater synths and electronic drum fills that would make Phil Collins blush drive the whole thing forward to an inevitable conclusion we never discover in the song, but that we all know is coming. But then again, the chorus says “We’ve got cruel intentions” – maybe Van Bobbi has a few surprises up his sleeve. We’ll know more when his debut album is released via Lights & Music Collective later this year.

Vinyl Moon members can hear Van Bobbi on”Perfect Lover” from Volume 011: Night Eyes –  currently ONLY available on vinyl!

Shoffy – “Motions” // Marco Argüello

It’s road trip season, and “Motions” is tailor-made for such an occasion. Finger-picked guitar and easy-to-sing lyrics keep it a crowd-pleaser, but it’s that persistent beat that will help you tear down the open road to your destination.

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