Wages – “Rattlesnake” // Simon Hennessey

That’s not venom rushing through your veins – it’s the infectious rhythm of a new song from Wages. The lead guitar’s got fangs, but it scales back during the verses for a dynamic tune that slithers right into your heart. Snake puns!

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[PREMIERE] Slow Shiver – “Set In Stone” (Video)

"Set in Stone" – Slow Shiver from Slow Shiver on Vimeo.

Just a month after the track premiered on Soundcloud, Slow Shiver unveils the music video for “Set In Stone,” and it’s a gorgeous and introspective piece. Like the song, the video is equal parts dream-like, raw, and heartfelt. Contrasting the personal experience of receiving an unwanted letter with dramatic lighting, sharp accents (literally), and a no-holds-barred lip-synch performance, we see the conflicted emotions of trying to draw boundaries between someone who has hurt you – resilience and vulnerability, independence and desire, confidence and doubt. If you ever needed a backdrop to an inner struggle, this is it.

For more Slow Shiver, go back to “In Blue (Drive By Delivery)” from VINYL MOON Volume 018: Intrepid Curves, or hear his guest feature on Anoraak’s track “We Lost” from VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows.


Cosmos & Creature – “Bad Drug” + feature on Listenbee’s – “Children” // Nick Alms

Cosmos & Creature have your feel-good pop fix. In case of overdose, immediately administer 10cc’s of singing along in your car and 5mgs of waving your arms in the air like you just don’t care.

Another TBE favorite Listenbee just dropped his collab with Cosmos & Creature called Children. A good day for great grooves.

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isle&fever – “Keep Workin” // Beau Bernier

Balmy synths and plump bass are the name of the game in isle&fever’s latest, a groove-laced ode to the grind called “Keep Workin”. Bringing to mind a hazy, outsider disco on some beachfront strip, the duo’s summer jam has a new catchy hook at every turn and a groove that just don’t quit. The lyrics are equal parts grit-your-teeth motivation and somber realism. But whether you’re applying the song to your career goals or your dance moves, you’ll be glad to have it in your life.

For more of isle&fever’s tastefully muted disco glitz, boogie on over to VINYL MOON Volume 018: Intrepid Curves and their track “Far Away”.

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Night Click – “The Drug Store Ceiling” // Paulina Bartnik

Night Click has made the only song I ever want to hear playing from dive bar jukeboxes. Now recruiting personnel to travel through America and replace the contents of every music-making machine we can find at the dingiest watering holes known to man. Requirements: must love the sound of Fender Twin guitar amps and  lush backing vocals.

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NoMBe – “Signs” // Dan Rawlings

Rollicking, subby, and fun, NoMBe reproaches the female subject of his latest release with a wink and a smile. It might be a warning to the self-absorbed, but the main guitar lick and shuffling groove mean the rest of us will be wrapped up in moving our hips. Another great entry into his They Might’ve Even Loved Me album, released song-by-song every month.

Can’t wait for July to get your fix of NoMBe? Check out “Seminole” as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 003: Halftone.

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TAMPA – “Hot Day” // Richard Keeling

Buttery guitar tone and subversive lyrics are the main players in “Hot Day”, an ode to something that keeps you awake (probably not coffee). No matter your feelings on the topic, a few spins of TAMPA are bound to bump up your evening.

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Maxim Ludwig – “Big White Wall” // Studio Takeuma

Channeling the best of Kenny Loggins and Rick Springfield has gotta be tough on the hips, which is why The Burning Ear recommends a thorough stretch session prior to listening to any Maxim Ludwig. If you overextend, you could be put out of Maxim Ludwig-listening for weeks, and no one should go through that. Trust me on this one.

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