[MP3] Princeton – “Andre”

blood fills the nose, poor hand strikes out back and forth

♫ Princeton – Andre

  • Who: 4 guys who grew up a couple miles from me.
  • What: Sunny indie pop, like Kisses, Tanlines, Vampire Weekend.
  • Where: Santa Monica, CA + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: The Remembrance of Things to Come LP is out now & the title track is also free here.
  • Why: Named not after the University, but after the street that’s named after the University, LA’s Princeton have been floating around my radar for a few years now. Since they are from my hood and deal in the kind of vibes I like to be dealt, I wanted to be a fan. And now, with “Andre,” I am. The methodically plodding xylophone, lightly fuzzed guitar, and high drama strings, blend into a track that is as intoxicating as it is appropriate for a Wes Anderson montage sequence. Speaking of which, who else is pumped for Moonrise Kingdom!?

[REMIX] Goldroom – Angeles (Le Youth Remix)

don’t wanna go home

♫ Goldroom – Angeles (Le Youth Remix)

We all know that LA’s Goldroom is a master of sunset-lit coastal grooves so no surprise that his new ode to his city is a jam. Le Youth’s remix tones down the bongos and kicks up the funk for a solid slice of laid back fun.

[MP3/VIDEO] The Remainers – “House”

i don’t know how else to tell you, there ain’t no other way around 

♫ The Remainers – House

  • Who: Nate, Frank, Jason, & Kaumyar.
  • What: Big hook rock, like The Killers, Patrick Wolf, Neon Trees
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Debut EP Formal Fridays is out now.
  • Why: Fire up that video below and dive into a real-life Toy Story that is sure to bring you waaay back to the good ol days. All the old classics are there! And even though The Killers aren’t nearly as old as G.I. Joe there is still an element of that sound that fuels the nostalgia trip. Plus it’s catchy as hell.

[MP3] Capital Cities – “Kangaroo Court”

the judge pulls me aside says c’est la vie, let your darker side come out to feed

♫ Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court

Oh man! You have no idea how hard it has been to sit on this jam and not share it! Capital Cities are one of the best new bands going and their live show is a thing to behold. This jam is a glitchy groove beast! Ride the horns! Even though Capital Cities stood us up for the TBE SXSW parties we ‘aint hating. The music is just too good and I will catch them in LA soon enough.

 Facebook / Amazon

[MP3] Mind The Gap – “Find My Way”

do you understand where i’m coming from

♫ Mind The Gap – Find My Way

  • Who: “A Korean, a Sri Lankan, a Mexican, and a Jew from Cleveland.”
  • What: Danceable indie pop, like Theme Park, Yournalist, The Eclectic Moniker.
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: New EP coming this spring.
  • Why: Mind The Gap broke into TBE’s pages with the soft-hearted wailer “Once You Leave” back in July and now they are back with another highly grooveable jam to prime us for their new EP. “Find My Way” and a little more angular edge than “Once You leave” and I like the direction things are shifting. We need this kind of bonkers bongo action to summon the sun!

[VIDEO] Harriet – “I Slept With All Your Mothers”

One of the better/weirder songs of late gets a solid video treatment that involves all the perving you might imagine it would. Plus a lot more craziness you didn’t expect.

[MP3] The Ross Sea Party – “Thunder”

the high wire i was walking on, looked about 100 stories

♫ The Ross Sea Party – Thunder

  • Who: 4 guys. 1 gal.
  • What: Disheveled indie rock, like Surfer Blood, Oberhofer, Cold War Kids,
  • Where: Los Angeles, CA + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: “Thunder” is a stand-alone single for now.
  • Why: With barely inteligible lyrics and a runtime ove just over 2 minutes “Thunder” rambles in and out of the room before you get sick of it’s boozy antics and tendency to bump into tables. Just the kind of groovy fuzz-rock guest you want to invite back next time.

[EP/VIDEO] Rhye – OPEN (w/ “Open”)

i wanna make this play, ooh i know you’re faded, but stay don’t close your hands

♫ Rhye – Open

  • Who: 2 people, no identities.
  • What: Sunset eroto-pop, like The xx, Inc, Sade.
  • Where: L.A. via Europe + Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: The Open EP is out now.
  • Why: Nights can get cold this time of year. You can heat them up with booze, sex, or now Rhye. Nobody would fault the trifecta. The mysterious duo is based out of L.A. but apparently have European roots and it shows in the music’s unabashed sensuality. I am really, really liking the whole EP and looking forward to a longer release. Not much you can get done during a 3 songs. Although it wont stop many from trying. Speaking of many trying, watch this fantastic but very NSFW video involving just that. Hot.

Rhye – Open from Rhye on Vimeo.