[MP3] Diamonds Under Fire – “The One”

think I lost my mind, ’cause I can’t speak

♫ Diamonds Under Fire – The One

This is the kind of rock I miss. In a music world full of female pop artists hitting it big by chewing bubblegum and puking in closets, Vanessa is doing the opposite. Harnessing a sound that brings back memories of No Doubt, Nirvana, and Pokemon Yellow, Diamonds Under Fire strikes not only a chord of nostalgia, but the “damn that’s a good tune” chord as well. Check the video and the artist links below for more goodness.

Artist links: Facebook / iTunes

[EP] Caught A Ghost – CAG Mixtape (w/ “Time Go”)

i gotta say its good to be home, sometimes i miss you when i’m out there alone

♫ Caught A Ghost – Time Go

Caught A Ghost caught me a few weeks back when their live show shook me from the distractions of tricked out Hyundai’s and free drinks, instantly pricking an ear and sparking a flurry of “Who is this playing?” sputtered to various standers-by. With their name noted in my iPhone I instantly looked them up the next day and was pleased to find that their recording are just as polished and fantastic as their stage show. Rock with soul. And horns. They cut the mustard in the slow lane as the gorgeous “Time Go” (above) shows so well. For those who like a little dub in their piano-and-horns-rock will also appreciate their fater higher paced jam  “Sleeping At Night.” The CAG Mixtape is out now with one more great tracks rounding out the trifecta but with this kind of taste just makes me hungry for more. Hmm, look at this stash I just found at their management’s Soundcloud.

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[MP3] Dreams – “lnlove.”


♫ Dreams – lnlove.

“Inlove.” is like the audio equivalent of a cold drink after a long day of work. Once it hits your lips you just sink right into it, letting the feeling wash through your body as the tension melts into bliss. Or you could just forget the drink analogy and make this your seduction soundtrack for the next week. The gorgeous sampled vocals already sound a bit lusty sometimes. Anyway, LA’s Jesse Pimenta is Dreams and his Feelings 4 U EP is out now.

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Amazon

[MP3/LIVE] Y LUV – “Keep It Rollin” + Live at Silverlake Lounge 12/7/2011

so here we are, me and myself now

♫ Y LUV – Keep It Rollin

One of the year’s best EPs was just followed up with this fantastic track. “Keep It Rollin” is a bit of a slow-burner as churns along with signature Y LUV momentum, vocals soaring high and wide as guitars noodle underneath and my brain softens with joy. The band released another jam earlier this month called “Earthquakes” which you can grab for free at their Bandcamp. The sweetness continues.

LA’s Y LUV are not getting nearly the attention they deserve and that was very apparent at their criminally under-attended show tonight at Silverlake Lounge. The guys ripped the house down, blasting through airtight renditions of all the jams on the How Chill Can You Let Go EP. They are clearly talented musicians who definitely deliver a show worth catching. I can easily see these guys working a crowd into a frenzy of jumping and singing along.  Damn Wednesdays.

Artist links: Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon

[MP3] Pyyramids – “That Ain’t Right”

no i don’t wanna break your heart but i think that i might

♫ Pyyramids – That Ain’t Right

Listening to “That Ain’t Right” alternates between audio bliss and feeling like my speakers are haunted by some sort of beautiful ghost. Pyyramids have nailed that kind of simple throwback rock that is so often attempted and so often fails. It;s no surprise they know what they are doing, one half of the L.A. duo is OK Go’s Tim Norwind (the be-speckled one). I wouldn’t be mad if this project takes up more and more of his time…

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon

[EP] Capital Cities – CAPITAL CITIES EP (w/ EP Stream)

you are the kiss i don’t expect, remind me never to forget my youth, i’ll leave it up to you

YES! YES! Aww, hell yes. You know how you find a track you love only to get the full EP/LP and realize it was a total anomaly? Then you know that rarest of rare occasions when that gem leads you to a gold mine of jewels just like it?* This is it! We are in the gold mine, people!

“Safe and Sound” is one of the best songs of the year and so I naturally tracked down this bearded LA duo’s debut EP to see what else they had cooking. If you’ve hit play below then you know they are cooking some sweetness: Indie pop grooves that are as polished as they are infectious yet somehow don’t feel superficial. And that is a tough task. “Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast” is going to be my pick for next favorite track but it’s not easy denying the handclap funk of “Center Stage” or the amen sentiments of “I Sold My Bed But not My Stereo.” Jeez, thanks for the tough decisions, Capital Cities! At least one choice is easy, to buy the ep.

*see Mammal Club, Y Luv, Jack Littman, and Dream Jefferson, for similar experiences.

Capital Cities EP by Capital Cities

Band links: Facebook / Soundcloud

[EP] Nowonder – COLOR THE CONCRETE (w/ “White Light”)

signs of what you said, it’s killing me

♫ Nowonder – White Light

As if it wasn’t hard enough keeping up with great new tracks from bands we know and covering albums that melt faces, there is also the steady stream of amazing music being made by somehow unknown artists. Los Angeles’ Danny Choi is one of them and after a stint working in the music department of Yo Gabba Gabba he formed his solo project, Nowonder. With hints of Germany Germany, Ratatat, and Crystal Castles, Nowonder spins electronic music that feels to be telling a story. Whether it’s a dramatic battle scene in the agitated grinder “Manic” or a heartbroken night drive in the moonlit synths of “White Light,” his music always conjures scenes and emotions. The appropriately titled Color The Concrete EP is available for free at his Soundcloud. Now go get lost in it.

Get loud in Soundcloud

[MP3] White Arrows – “Get Gone”

no one even cares about your health, just ask my mom, she’s doing well

♫ White Arrows – Get Gone

Something about these handclappy beats and electric rock grooves make me want to move. It’s perfect Friday music, really. Put a little pep in your step after a draining week. Get you pumped for the weekend ahead. Los Angeles’ White Arrows has got a bit of buzz in the past (even here for his Alexander remix) but he is just landing on my radar now and I’m stoked to hear more of their jams. Catch them on tour with The Naked and Famous! [via Audiomuffin]

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