[MP3] Lights Over Paris – “I’m Not A Gangsta”

we were coastin’, all the way down to the ocean

♫ Lights Over Paris – I’m Not A Gangsta

Sometimes you need to just get a little loose with your music. I love sentimental, emotional songs as much as the next guy, but the occasional club song always finds a way onto my iPod. I’m not a fan of the word, but this song has got swag. Coming out of the Los Angeles area, Lights Over Paris has the pop rock stylings to match the geography. They are only just getting started. Check out more from the band at their Facebook, linked below.

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[EP] Bastille (US) – BUMPIN EP (w/ “Bumpin”)

gotta get on up

♫ Bastille – Bumpin

In case you aren’t into the dub-step stylings* that Joel will be laying on you soon, then here is a little straightforward electro-dance goodness courtesy of Los Angeles’ Bastille. No, they aren’t the Bastille of “Flaws” fame, but confusing name choice aside, they craft some big time foot movers that get me jived for a Friday night like whoa.Their Bumpin EP is a trifecta of tracks packed with horns, beats, samples, and bass that does that thing that bass does. Oh, and a massive drop or two. Beware. Try cranking this as you get ready to go out and see if your shoes don’t get tied in a crazy new way and your jacket doesn’t sit just a little bit cooler on your shoulders. But like for real. I am all ready to go out and I look F-ing fresh! Grab the other two jams at their Soundcloud!

*speaking of dub-step stylings, THIS is the best ever.

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[MP3] Miles Fisher – “This Must Be The Place”

home is where i want to be, but i guess, i’m already there

♫ Miles Fisher – This Must Be The Place

This very well may be the smoothest track I have heard in quite a while. Striking a perfect balance between electro and classic vocal harmonies is Miles Fisher, from Los Angeles, CA. “This Must Be The Place” is one of three tracks that debuted along with two original singles back on July 12, 2011. Keep in mind that this is a cover of The Talking Heads song of the same name. Luckily for you though, he generously has all three available for free download on his website as well. Enjoy; but don’t break anything dancing!


[MP3] Mind The Gap – “Once You Leave”

driving away on a rainy day, is this a sign i should stay?

♫ Mind The Gap – Once You Leave

This isn’t the kind of drama you hear in music these days. It isn’t Hurts’ brand of over the top emoting, and it isn’t all lovey electro love-song either. This is the kind of polished dramatic pop that feels specifically 90s and instantly brings me back to my days next to the radio (Dishwalla’s classic “Counting Blue Cars” anyone?). From the cinematic tension of the opening, to the soaring chorus, I’m hooked and ‘singing’ along. Mind The Gap are also from LA so it’s completely possible they are feeding off the same vibes I grew up with. However, even more likely is that they just know how to write a tune.

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[MP3] Capital Cities – “Safe and Sound”

in a tidal wave of mystery you’ll still be standing next to me

♫ Capital Cities – Safe and Sound

Ok yeah, just another upbeat synth pop jam that sounds li… WAIT, those horns! Hot diggity. This jam gets on some sort of magic carpet and gets some serious altitude, soaring and swooping with all kinds of glittery goodness. LA’s Capital Cities take roots in San Francisco, Paris, and Armenia and blend them into sonic gold that makes me need to rush out and get their self-titled EP like right now.

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[LP/RMX] Foster The People – TORCHES (w/ “Call It What You Want” & various remixes)

well i’m just gonna do here what i gotta do here ’cause I gotta keep myself free

♫ Foster The People – Call It What You Want

When I saw Foster The People kill their show at The Great Escape 10 weeks ago I couldn’t have been more excited for a full album from these LA indie-pop rockers. When Torches finally arrived at my ears a few weeks later I can’t say I was filled with near the same energy that their live show dished out. A few tracks caught my ear (like “Call It What You Want”) and the rest are honestly good jams, but after the triangulated foreplay of “Pumped Up Kicks,” “Helena Beat” and “Houdini” I was ready for a big climax. Anyway, get the album if you haven’t, it’s certainly worth a listen or five. However, what I am more intrigued by is the myriad remix treatments these guys have got. Whether it’s their “buzzworthy” status or they have struck some sort of common chord among the indie-sphere, they have been attracting remixes from all kinds genres and DJs. As a sort of case-study on one of the most hyped bands (and let’s be honest, songs) of the past year or two, I’ve compiled a collection of remixes below. I kick things off with a few new ones and then dig through the archives for ones we have posted before. Enjoy. And of course, leave your thoughts in the comments… if you have any.

♫ Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Chrome Canyon Remix)

♫ Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Alcala Remix)

♫ Foster The People – Helena Beat (The 14th Minute Remix)

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[MP3] Letting Up Despite Great Faults – “Teenage Tide”

i think it’s right before your eyes, telling you how much we’ve always been alive

♫ Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Teenage Tide

New Letting Up Despite Great Faults jam to play every day until the end of summer. Or until their new EP Paper Crush comes out August 2nd. It’s blissful summer fuzz pop and it’s exactly what I want one of my favorite new bands of 2009 to be giving me in 2011.

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[EP] Y Luv – HOW CHILL CAN YOU LET GO (w/ “All Night”)

oh it feels like you, oh i wait for you

♫ Y Luv – All Night

Just press play on this one. It’s one of those jams that will get a lot of mileage with me because while it is super funky and offbeat it still has that kind of universal appeal that means it can work on a mixtape for my aunt. It’s epic and intimate and dance-y and rock-y and hot damn I cant stop jamming it. The fresh-on-the-scene Y Luv have misleadingly titled EP called How Chill Can You Let Go which along with the album art makes me think chillwave, which these jams are anything but. This is rock-wave, or stadium-wave, or wave-wave or something. “Never Touch The Ground,” for example, is cat-nip for the fist-pumpin while singing at the sky dude inside me. Oh yeah, and the EP is free. Stream/download it after the jump.

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