[MP3] BABY MONSTER have a jam for you, MR., and it’s quite a SUCCESS

dream of excess, skies, ghosts, money, time

♫ Baby Monster – Mr. Success

Los Angeles’ Baby Monster have made numerous TBE appearances but due to their top remixing skills it’s been mostly through the love and respect of Joel & Scott. Come June 27th they drop their self-titled debut album and over the past few weeks they have been dropping tastes of what that original material will sound like. I’ll be hot-damned if it isn’t some sweet nectar. “Mr. Success” is like lighting a sparkler in a field at sunset then just staring into the lights and spinning. Sooner or later either you or the sparkler will give out but it won’t matter cause your eyes will be closed, your face bent in a perma-smile, and your mind sure that you “live the best.” Sample 3 other gold nuggets over at their Soundcloud but hurry cause their download limits wont last long. I’d jump on “The Fear Of Charlie Sunrise” first.

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[MP3] HELLO VEGAS inspire thoughts that NO ONE including me KNOWS about

you electrify my bones and use me like a chemical

♫ Hello Vegas – No One Knows

Did somebody say “sweet summer jam by a new band with a connection to California, a name relating to a location they aren’t from and only one track to their name ?” Oh wait. I did. Well, speaking of that, Hello Vegas hail from my hometown of Los Angeles and have dropped this sunset stunner on us just in time to dip those feet in the water and try and catch the green flash. If you miss it then don’t worry, you can still grab the babe (or hunk) under your arm and lay a wet one on them so good you’ll make the seagulls blush. Anyway, you all just listen to the song, apparently I have a fantasy to finish…

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[JBI!] TBE Presents: Fever For The Flavor – A Mix for L.A.

fever Flavor cover

Los Angeles, the city of a million legends and a million disappointed tourists. Its too big to take in by foot and too confusing and traffic-packed to really see by car. It really isn’t a city at all, but more of a collection of cities that all happen to touch each other and give the illusion of being unified. However, while the city/ies may be sprawling and disjointed, they share a role as muse for great music. As I have simmered here this past two weeks I have been compiling my list of great L.A. songs. Some tribute, some complaint, but all about L.A. The mix’s title comes from Bran Van 3000’s “Drinking in L.A.” whose lyrics seemed strikingly poignant during this 26th year of my life. Oh, and it also reminds me of all the good eatin’ I miss when I’m away from L.A. Mmmmm, tacos…..

What is your favorite L.A. song/story/riot/natural disaster/celebrity sighting?

Download “Fever For The Flavor – A Mix for L.A.”

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