LOSTBOYCROW doesn’t need to wait until THURSDAY for a redux of the other night

Lostboycrow got so caught up in you he can’t even remember what day of the week it all went down… So pardon him if he needs to take off his shirt at the memory of that night. Hell, even I’m getting hot over here listening to “Thursday”…

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Lostboycrow – “Love Won’t Sleep”

Skip the sheep and just count the ways you love her instead. It wont put you to sleep but with Lostboycrow on the stereo why would you want to be?  Read more

Lostboycrow – “Talk Back To Me”

Lostboycrow gonna steal your girl. Better take her on a hot date ASAP to try and hold on to things. Good luck.  Read more

Lostboycrow: The VINYL MOON Interview

Lostboycrow only had 2 tracks released when I first heard of him. But just a few listens to “HiyHiy” and I knew I wanted to feature it on Vinyl Moon. That was in January. What a treat its been to watch Lostboycrow evolve from then to the impending powerhouse he is today. Half a dozen songs later and each one reveals a new layer to this deeply layered artist. And then there is the live show…. just go. But first stick around for our Twitterview with the man himself below.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 1
Artist: Lostboycrow
Track: “HiyHiy”  Read more

[PREMIERE] Lostboycrow – “Powers”

Lostboycrow has always been a man with soul but he really lets it rip from deep within on new jam “Powers”. A slightly darker groove slides beneath his silky smooth vocals, wrapping itself up into a tale of helpless abandon at the hands of another. You can feel the push and pull of kindred flow in the surging production from Sexy Electric. Just close your eyes and let the song flex its powers over you.  Read more

Lostboycrow – “C’est La Vie”

Lostboy continues to make the kind of music that seems to come from within my own mind. Like a slightly tipsy version of the angel on my shoulder, whispering stories in my ear about lost loves of his and how they were once with his grasp. Tales I always like to hear.  Read more

CHEAT CODES – “Senses” (feat. Lostboycrow)

Putting Lostboycrow on your big room dance track is like yelling out to a room of sweaty people “Hey, you guys that are dancing! You gotta now decide if you still want to keep dancing to this jammer or if you want to get all steamed up and bolt for the door because you know you cant do both right here in public because the cops will break that up, you know?”

Good luck having them hear you over the sound of a mass of moving bodies.  Read more

Lostboycrow – “Say You Want Me”

Just say you want me too

Such a simple request yet it really holds all the weight in the world. A demand for just a few words of reciprocation that could shift the balance of the world and set the cosmos right and true. Lostboycrow wraps the words with his lush vocals and slips them between oddball pop production that would make it hard to resist such a simple request if I was on the receiving end.

Say You Want Me