Loyal Lobos – “Burn”

Loyal Lobos – “Swim”

This new one from the continually enigmatic Loyal Lobos shows off her mellower side and I’m right there with her. Simple, beautiful, and raw in all the right ways.

We love Loyal Lobos so much that we put her on vinyl in Vinyl Moon 029: Marrow Siren.

VINYL MOON Volume 029: Marrow Siren

We’re happy to unveil the latest release from VINYL MOON, a unique record club that takes exciting new musical artists and visual artists each month to create a one-of-a-kind record with original, deluxe art and your new favorite songs, all in one package.

Volume 029: Marrow Siren will lure you in with psychedelic coral and skeletal figures in the light. But its real surprise is in the crushing dark, where the three specters on the front, back, and gatefold from the jacket glow with eerie light. Paired with a custom tarot card and deep-sea translucent blue vinyl with kelp marbling, the whole thing is a testament to the skills of visual artist Marcos Navarro.

If you’re feeling lost in the depths, TBE favorites including Rattlerette, Loyal Lobos, and Psymon Spine will help pull you out. Then we guarantee you’ll want to take a deep breath

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Loyal Lobos – “Dirt” // ICY & SOT

A powerful and somber indie folk ballad, “Dirt” snaps off the heartstrings if it wasn’t already pulling them when the song started.  Loyal Lobos’ instrumentation and composition give “Dirt” a hidden energy that swells within the heart of the song as it progresses, and feels like a reflection of life if it was a bird’s eye view of time itself.

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Loyal Lobos – “The Fall” // Alan Linnstaedt

There’s an urgency to the folk-rock grit of “The Fall”, lent in equal parts by the traintrack drum pulse and fuzzed out bass in the chorus. It’s bound to help you press that accelerator down a little harder as you race down a desert highway, whether you’re racing to get somewhere or rushing to leave something behind.

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