Music Video Roundup 10.16.2012

I’m changing up the music video game around TBE and instead of posting individually will be doing weekly roundups of the week’s notable videos. Holler in the comments if you hate it. Ditto if you love it. This week has some heavy hitters. Most notably from a major softie. Thank you Jessie.

Jessie Ware – “Sweet Talk”

Cuteness of epic proportions. Always refreshing to see Read more

Motopony rocks like no other

[LIVE] SXSW Day 3 Recap + 360° Interviews

Motopony rock like no other

Day 3 was the smoothest yet. An eclectic afternoon lineup led into a rock party evening that had the whole Firehouse moving. Here are the few interviews I was able to grab. If I survive today I’ll have more tomorrow! Read more

[MP3] Luck-One – “Sounds Of My City”

told him that’s not what i came for, and you should ride the train more

♫ Luck-One – Sounds Of My City

Somehow the whole world seems to sleeping on Luck-One and I don’t know why. I tipped off his track “More” last fall and now it looks like we are the first to get behind this city-repping summer jam that gets me in a good mood every time I hear it. Portland’s Luck-One sounds smoother and tighter than ever and I’m loving the old-school flavor and crisp lyrics. I feel like this is what people talk about when they praise early hip hop’s storytelling. Time to track down his debut, True Theory, which came out in March but, big surprise, nobody was talking about it. A damn shame. Cheer up with the simple yet fun video below. Read more

[EP] LUCK-ONE makes me want to hear MORE

if i never sell a record in life, does that make me less talented in wrecking the mic?

♫ Luck One – More

Another hip-hop artist catching my ear? What is going on this year. 2012 and shit, eh? Anyway, Portland Oregon’s Luck-One is all kinds of freshness as he flows through verses of west coast rhyme-butter over the kind of beats that make the sun shine brighter and the girls look sexier. The man has an LP coming out called True Theory but as a teaser to that jam he is dropping a free EP of outtakes that sounds plenty solid to me. No glitz and no bling, just rhymes and beats and soul and heart and everything that hip-hop should be built on. “More” sports a horn and handclap double-team that gets me pumped every time? Hell yeah.

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