Luka Sol – “Stay” // Nimasprout

Cheers to Luka Sol for lifting us off the ground with this supremely sweet groover. Whatever world this jam takes you to, don’t expect to touch the ground sny time soon…

Be sure to check out Luka Sol’s fantastic track “Unknown” on VINYL MOON Volume 011.

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LUKA SOL looked up from his drink and SUDDENLY realized it was almost the weekend and ordered another

Grab “Suddenly” on ITunes.

Previously on TBE: Luka Sol

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[PREMIERE] Luka Sol – “Unknown” Ft. Natalie M

Not sure if the voices serenading me are coming from this world or another but I’m totally into where they are taking me and how they sing to the rhythm of their tiny wings. I’m just gonna lay down here and watch them flap around as I soak in this Luka Sol jam.  Read more