Lyves – “Holding Back” // Kim Cogan

Lyves weaves her emotion through an industrial soundscape and a hauntingly beautiful piano.  The song can be both chilling and comforting.  But whether “Holding Back” aches your pains or helps wash them away, you’ll find yourself wanting more of Lyves superior vocals.

For another dose of catharsis check out “Free” from VINYL MOON Volume 023: Metamorphose

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Lyves – “Free” // Christopher Burk

“Free” floats through my ears so gently I typically need to spin it a few times in a row before I’m satisfied. But that is no surprise from Lyves whose music is always so wonderfully tender and beautiful. “Free” is the closing track to the recently released Like Water EP.

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Lyves – “No Love” // Ha Gyung Lee

As I sit here, finally listening to new Lyves, I realize that she waited so long because she needed winter to come. Listening to “No Love” would make so sense with sunshine on your face. As I sit here blowing warm air into chilled hands I feel just a little bit calmer. It is nice having Lyves back in my life.

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Lyves – “Darkest Hour”

If you don’t remember Lyves I’ll forgive you this time. I to was lost in a pretty deep dream state for a while after hearing “Shelter” a year ago. Don’t remember much. Still have some light scars. Now Lyves has blessed us with another tender touch of a song that makes me want to close my eyes and not type anymore…  Read more

Lyves – “Shelter”

Sounds like… Jessie Ware went through a hard breakup, joined Rhye, and is working through the cracks in her soul with some heavy and beautiful sounds.

Location: London, UK

Future: There is one more great song on Lyves Soundcloud but other than that not much is known.