Magic Bronson – “The Desert”

DOUBLE DUTCH SXSW Showcase on Sat 3/18: Presented by The Burning Ear, Vinyl Moon, and Fancy PR

SXSW starts next week and we are back with another HUGE Official Showcase on Saturday March, 18th at The Sidewinder! DOUBLE DUTCH year two!


Lineup includes old TBE favorites like DYAN, St. Tropez, Magic Bronson, Klyne, Coucheron, Linying, Phoria, and Salt Cathedral, as well as some new faves like Yoke Lore, Giungla, Charlotte Cardin, The Shelters, and Chain Wallet.

I’m honored to be presenting the showcase in partnership with VINYL MOON and the awesome Fancy PR. Be sure to follow all the fun on Instagram and if you are in Austin come say Hi!

Until then, enjoy a playlist of all the bands!

Full Line Up:
7:45PM // Magic Bronson*
8PM // St. Tropez^
8:30PM // GIUNGLA*
8:55PM // Chain Wallet^
9:15PM // Linying*
9:55PM // YOKE LORE^
10:15PM // DYAN*
10:55PM // The Shelters^
11:15PM // Charlotte Cardin*
11:55PM // Coucheron^
12:15AM // Phoria*
12:55AM // Salt Cathedral^
1:15AM // Klyne*

* Inside Stage
^ Outside stage

Magic Bronson – “Nervous” // Susa Monteiro

Look, you just have to be careful playing Magic Bronson too loud. The last time I turned these guys up to 11 the volume didn’t come down until a cop tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to remove my sweat soaked luchador mask before demanding I extinguish the palm tree fire raging behind me… (Still not sure how that happened. I blame “What I Did”)

But with all that said, I’ve got “Nervous” cranked to 11 right now and have no qualms about it. Neither should you.

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Magic Bronson – “What a Week” // Dane Patterson

Couldn’t be a more fitting song to groove out with as we wrap up this crazy year. Just gotta make it through this week before getting into full holiday offline mode. Heck yeah.

Get into more great Magic Bronson jams here.

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Magic Bronson – “Run Run” + LIVE SHOW Monday 1/18 @ The Satellite

Two of my favorite mad scientists, Magic Bronson, are emerging from their lair of sounds every Monday in January to make us feel weird/wonderful at The Satellite. This Monday’s love-fest will include their new jam “Run Run” as well as a performance by Nicky Blitz. So abandon your own lair for an evening and come fill your ears with magic. See you Monday.




Magic Bronson – “Coconut” (Harry Nilsson Cover)

Here is a little something to cure what ails you. That is, if what ails you is a milquetoast reality where nothing around you melting, scheming, or plotting your gradual insanity. Magic Bronson will gladly cure that boring existence for you…  Read more

[PREMIERE] Magic Bronson – “Levitate ft. Collaj”

Magic Bronson and Collaj (formerly 8th Grader) are two of my favorite live bands around. When they played a show together last month I wasn’t going to miss it. When they debuted this new jam together, live, on stage, before my eyes, I knew I had to have it. Both bands are known for their body moving, party starting, jams but this collaboration takes them into darker territory. Like a hushed invitation into a dark forest where mystical things are undulating in the shadows. You are a little scared as you venture forth but you also know your hosts and trust their intentions. And then you feel a tingling in your hands and blurring of your vision and wonder what this forrest is doing to you…

As you ponder, dive into this great remix of last year’s “Fences”. A live favorite shot into low orbit by MyKill.

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Magic Bronson – “Fences”

Music for… people who love stories but aren’t really hip-hop fans. Magic Bronson rides that fine line, blending funky flow, big groves, and indie rock vibes, into their own signature sound. They recorded their upcoming album in a remote cabin in the woods and you can hear the change of pace and depth of space in the slower burning “Fences”. Another to add to my list of Magic Bronson favorites.

Location: Los Angeles.

Future:  Debut Full Length “Wildlife” available Nov 4th via War Cry Records.