Magic City Hippies – “Body Like A Weapon” // Art: Sacha Beeley

As you might guess from the title, “Body Like A Weapon” is bold and seductive. It’s grab-bag of influences makes the Gorillaz a worthy comparison, but Magic City Hippies also show a powerful funk swagger that would make Rick James proud. Like its subject, this song is dangerous – careful where you point those hips.

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Magic City Hippies – “Heart Wants” // David Schnell

“Heart Wants” is part psychedelic, part funk, part dance, part indie rock, part rockabilly and all parts good times.  Magic City Hippies ingeniously combines each of these elements by instrument; the psychedelic duties are left to the guitar while the funk is left for the drums and bass, creating a dance song dense enough to be listened to as any other type of song.  The result is a unified, perfectly coherent sound, perfect for parties and solitary listening alike.

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