Majid Jordan – “Forever”

Music for… doing exactly what the guy in the video below is doing. If you can’t do exactly that then step away from the speakers slowly… you may hurt yourself. The producers behind Drake “Hold On I’m Coming Home” are

Location: Toronto, Canada

Future: Their debut EP A Place Like This is out now.

Drake – “Hold On, We’re Going Home” feat. Majid Jordan


If you haven’t heard the new Drake jam then listen close. If you thought you didn’t need to hear the new Drake jam then listen closer. Drake has a polarizing multiple personality disorder going on in his music but don’t let the hype-trash like “Started At The Bottom” distract you from the tortured Canadian soul that is capable of beautiful music like these. Take Care was full of heart on sleeve moments like this that endeared me to Drizzy. For a minute I was worried he had turned his back on his tender side. Thank goodness he didn’t. 2013 just got one of its top songs.