[#60-41] The 60 Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts)


The moment I hit the “publish” button on this post, that counter above (that I see on the backend of this blog) will turn to 3,000. Three-motherFing-thousand. That’s a lot of posts. That’s a hell of a lot of music. But just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, that number took 6 years and 1 month to reach. So happy birthday to The Burning Ear. Happy 3,000th post to new bands. Happy remaining sanity in my music addled brain. And to celebrate those happys, I would like to revisit the same concept as this blog’s very first post and pay special attention to songs that I feel went under-appreciated. These are the jams that are considered stadium worth in my ears, even if they only ever garnered a few thousand plays on Soundcloud, YouTube, or Myspace (yes, this blog is that old…).

So read on for Part 1 of what I’m cleverly and succinctly titling The Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts) Feb 2009 – March 2015. Part 2 drops tomorrow (here), and Part 3 the next day. And then after that, look out for some stylistic changes here on The Burning Ear. It’s exciting times and I’m beyond stoked to share it with all you crazies. But now, some weird thoughts on these songs!

Love & Jams,

-Brandon B.

p.s. There is a playlist of all the songs at the bottom of the post so you can listen to them straight through.

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[EP] Mammal Club – THE AU EP (w/ “Otter” & “Hang”)

well i don’t think we’re ever gonna know

♫ Mammal Club – Otter

Keep your eye on Mammal Club. Seriously. If these guys aren’t huge by new years then there is no justice in the world. I wish I could say they were my find but it was Brighton’s The Recommender that tipped me off to these guys from Newcastle who are currently reigning over my iTunes with an iron fist of an EP. “Otter” kicks off the 4 tracks and stops me in my tracks every time I hear it. It’s that perfect blend of off kilter rhythms and soaring hooks that create such fantastic tension.The whole song oscillates between pressure and release. It’s almost like sex I guess. Perhaps that’s why I like it. Anyway, The Au EP continues with the galloping “Out Of The Playground” before leading into the second show-stopper, “Hang.” It’s all right angles and explosive timing but somehow ends up sliding between the ears and nestling right in. Brilliant. Ok, stop listening to me blather on and support these guys and the Au EP with a stream and a purchase after the jump.

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