[MP3] Manor – “Afghan Hound”

it’s alright

♫ Manor – Afghan Hound

  • Who: Caitlin & Nathaniel
  • What: Hypnotic rock, like Wye Oak
  • Where: Australia + Facebook
  • When: N/A
  • Why: The first time we came across Manor was when the duo released “Rhodesia” back in January. Now, Cait and Nate (can I call you Nate?) bestow upon us their second release, “Afghan Hound”. The two songs are dramatically different, but the common thread is still there; you can tell it’s Manor. You can tell it’s good.

[MP3] Manor – “Rhodesia”

there’s no one here inside this bed, but me

♫ Manor – Rhodesia

  • Who: A stylish Nathaniel and a foxy Caitlin
  • What: Arctic rock, like Generationals, Wildlife
  • Where: Adelaide, Australia + Facebook / Soundcloud
  • When: Debut LP releasing in 2012
  • Why: Hope, longing, emotion; all structural pieces that most melancholy guitar jams have. Combining them in such a fashion that is outside the box and entertains my ears is something else entirely. Manor has done that. Nathaniel and Caitlin; keep the duo alive. We like it.