Mariachi El Bronx – “Wildfires”

Music for… fiery latin flavored seduction in the streets of Los Angeles. Romance blossoming in the headlights of a taco truck. Long time TBE faves Mariachi el Bronx are finally back and damn if “Wildfire” isn’t their best since “Cell Mates” 5 years ago.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: New album “III” is out November 4. Preorder here.


♫ Mariachi el Bronx – 48 Roses

No super jams like on debut LP but generally solid and fun vibes from my fave hardcore-band-goes-strict-mariachi. + reminds me of home. 5/10

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Best Albums of 2009 /// Honorable Mention & EPs

I’m too tired and you’re too anxious. Let’s get this show on the road. I’ll drop some kind of ’09 wrap up speech in “The Best Albums of ’09 / The Top 15” which should be out soooon. In the meantime, nibble on these biscuits. And leave your comments! You guys have piped up louder than ever lately and I love hearing what Team TBE thinks. Cause if two brains are better than one, well than imagi…. ok, we get it, let’s do this!

Oh, and since ranking albums is for wieners (songs are OK) I just alphabetized these lists. I don’t believe in favorites so it would be dishonest of me to attempt some sort of ranking system here. These joints are just the business, each in their own way.

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The 25 Best Songs of 2009… Since Then / July-Dec.

Here is my list of the best songs of the second half of 2009. Be sure to read the first half’s list here and treat the two posts as a tag team of epic jams.

Wow, what a year. TBE is a month shy of it’s first birthday and now I have to wrap it’s whole existence into a short list? Tough times. Well, since objectivity is a myth, I am gonna keep my Best 20.9 Songs Of 2009 So Far list as the gold standard for my pre-July opinions and instead focus on the year’s latter half here. Why let time revise my previous favorites when the same fate will never befall these tracks? After all, it’s just a calendar. Anyway, I hope this list serves as a reminder of some forgotten jams or, if you are new to TBE, introduce you a new favorite jam. Whoever you are, and however you ended up here (Hi freeloaders!), may you enjoy the shit out of your time here (and there).

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MARIACHI EL BRONX surprise every CELL in the body. Right, MATES?


your kind of face could save a soul, it keeps me cryin’ all night to you

♫ Mariachi El Bronx – Cell Mates

Now I know that of all the reasons you guys visit TBE, my meticulous coverage of Mariachi music is only, like, number 6, but stay with me. In addition to one of the best album covers of the year (sorry PETA), Los Angeles’ Mariachi el Bronx have crafted better mariachi than at that overpriced Oaxacan restaurant in Hollywood. Lead single, and album opener, “Cell Mates” [fun video] is a horn-infused hip-shaker that hooked me from left field the first time I heard it. The rest of the album follows suit, with jangly guitars, fantastic horns, and clearly crooned lyrics. It’s probably the album I am most excited about playing today at my BBQ. I recommend you fire up the grill and do likewise.

OK, now with all that said and done, let me drop a little knowledge on you. Although this is their first album with the Mariachi el Bronx moniker, the band has been playing hardcore/punk as The Bronx since 2002. Yes. Hardcore. I saw them at Sunset Junction 2 years ago and my little brother demanded that we leave. Growing up in Los Angeles the band had always been inspired by Mexican culture, mariachi music included, and after 3 self titled albums as The Bronx, they decided to do a little side project of straight up mariachi. Strange but true. I love it. For comparison, here is the only Bronx song I ever really got into.

♫ The Bronx – Around The Horn (from 2006’s The Bronx)

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