you know what i mean and i mean what i say, you know what i want and you know i don’t play

♫ Eli “Paperboy” Reed – Explosions

You’d never guess by his in-your-face soul/blues/rockabilly but Eli Reed grew up in Massachusetts. After soaking up all of his father’s classic albums and honing his skills by busking on the street, it’s no surprise that his talent is now razor sharp. Come And Get It is his 3rd LP but I’ve only just got on board Reed’s train. First single, “Explosions,” is as amped as it gets on Come And Get It, as the rest is a little more subdued and hip-swinging as opposed to fist-pumping. (The albums title track is another standout jam. Check it out.) I can definitely imagine a pretty fantastic Paperboy/Mayor Hawthorne tour that I would definitely bring a lady to. Talk about setting the mood. Another great bonus of this throwback vibe is that it’s perfect for throwing on early at parties with guests of mixed musical tastes. Then just sit back and catch people tapping their feet and nodding along. It’s new but familiar. Like a Hollywood blockbuster but with less Michael Bay.

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MAYER HAWTHORNE knows YOUR tastes aren’t EASY to satisfy and that LOVIN’ any ol’ album AIN’T your style, but for PLEASIN’ your lover, NOTHIN’ is better

it’s as natural as the birds and the bees

♫ Mayer Hawthorne – Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’

If you are anywhere nearly as cold as where I am then you know the importance of bringing your lover close and keeping eachother warm in these cold times. And while it might seem unlikely that a round faced white dude from Michigan is gonna heat up those sheets then just wait until you hear his voice. He’s nailed that bygone era of smokey jazz and R&B and his debut album just drips with romance. 12 impeccably composed jams about the various states of love, lust, and relationships. I completely missed the boat on A Strange Arrangement when it came out last year but I’ve gotten on board now. “Your Easy Lovin'” and it’s infectious bounce is the albums most ass-shakingly upbeat and perhaps the nicest way to tell your lady to stop being a cock-tease. Mayebe keep this one off your Valentines day mixtape. For those purposes I’m gonna reccomend “Make Her Mine.“  I’m also gonna reccomend you check out the video for “Maybe So, Maybe No” which besides being a fresh lo-budget take on a great song, also features some of my favorite spots in Venice/West L.A. Holler! Mayer get’s all up in the Venice Boardwalk, kicks it with some local skaters, drives on Venice Blvd, and even takes a lunch break at Howard’s Famous Bacon And Avocado Burger! (at o:20). My lady voted Howards number 1 burger in L.A. during our extensive taste-test last summer. Soooo gooood… Anyway, go get this album if you haven’t yet. There is nothing else like it coming out these days. And when Mayer has something as important as burgers in common with my lady and I then his jams can definitely join team steamy-windows.

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