Meeka Kates – “Wildfire” // Jeannie Phan

The latest Meeka Kates jam is another example of his fine ability to make jams that work perfectly well for both chilling out and dancing. I recommend alternating the two activities as you listen to “Wildfire ” on repeat this weekend.

Taken from Meeka’s debut EP ‘Wildfire’ out now.

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MEEKA KATES has a WILD ride in store for those willing to brave the darkness

Don’t be afraid, I’m not like your other lovers of late

But maybe be a little afraid. But in a good way. Meeka is not afraid to get a bit dark when wooing. Go along with it.

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Meeka Kates – “Empire” (Feat. Allen Ginsberg)

More Meeka Kates means more slightly haunting dance jams that slip under your skin and jolt back and forth between your ears as you feel darker and lighter at the same time. Got any ranting political screeds to write? “Empire” and its verse by Allen Ginsberg is the perfect soundtrack/inspiration.  Read more

Meeka Kates – “Closure”

Make yourself at home among the dimly lit streets and crusty creatures of your local metropolis with the smooth swagger of Meeka Kates in your ear. “Closure” is exactly the kind of multi-purpose jam you can use  to ramp up, get wild, or come down to. All slippery grooves and sultry whispers over a muted DMX (?) sample that keeps things moving on pace. Read more