Meeka Kates – “Empire” (Feat. Allen Ginsberg)

More Meeka Kates means more slightly haunting dance jams that slip under your skin and jolt back and forth between your ears as you feel darker and lighter at the same time. Got any ranting political screeds to write? “Empire” and its verse by Allen Ginsberg is the perfect soundtrack/inspiration.  Read more

Slow Dancer – “Took The Floor Out”

When the floor falls out from under you sometimes all you can do is close your eyes and bliss out to some undulating guitar grooves as your body slowly falls farther and farther towards whatever lays beneath. But the farther you fall the more ok it all feels. You’ve got Slow Dancer in your ear and he is willing you to slow down. So you do. And land gently. Eventually.  Read more

//Fractures – “Reactor”

Remember //Fractures? The Australian guy that makes minimal moody jams that are like mini-daydreams? The kind that pop into your head, pausing your life for a moment as you drift into another world. Lose yourself in “Reactor” and just remember not to operate any machinery while your mind is on vacation.  Read more

Cloves – “Frail Love”

Is there any other kind of love but frail? No need to ask for forgiveness.  Read more

Tim Guy – “St Petersburg”

Just when I feel like I have my finger on the pulse of music I run across a musician like Melbourne’s Tim Guy. “St Petersburg” is the only song on his Soundcloud but dig a little deeper and you will se that it comes from his upcoming 5th album! FIVE albums? How behind am I? How behind are you? What does any of it mean! Luckily I have an iced tea to put in my cup holder as I point the car towards the ocean and can feel the stress wash away with each gust of sea breeze and each riff of Tim Guy guitar work. Now, when I get home I have some albums to catch up on…  Read more

Banoffee – “Let’s Go To The Beach”

No matter how patient and understanding your tiger is, you can only spend so long commiserating about dumb boys and bitchy girls with him before you just need to shake it all off and head to the beach for the rejuvenating energy of the sun, sand, and watching a tiger try and boogie board.  Read more

Foreign/National – “The Hedonist”

If you are going to start a band then try and get on the same life raft as the Arctic Monkeys when your cruise ship capsizes and then co-write a song with them as all of your brains slowly wither from sunstroke and dehydration. I don’t think that is the story behind Melbourne’s Foreign/National at all, but until someone tells me otherwise thats what I’m going with. Read more

Total Giovanni – “Paradise”

I have yet to visit, but when I make it to Australia I imagine my trip will involve attending a Total Giovanni show on a beach, my face looking just like that piece above, and totally blissing out to their tropical disco vibes while I bury my toes in the sand over and over.