Miami Horror – “Love Like Mine” feat. Cleopold

Sounds like… Miami Horror finally stopped putzing around and dropped the funked up dance groover I hoped they had been working on since 2010’s Illumination. Crank it! This album art doesn’t feature legs for no reason! Use ’em!

Location: Melbourne / Los Angeles

Future: New LP All Possible Futures is out April 21st.

Kagu – “Human”

Music for… putting on your shades and basking in the warm rays of the sun. Even if it is through a double paned window to protect you from the bitter cold outside. In here the sun is warming on the skin and Kagu’s “Human” is warming on the soul.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Future: His debut, self-titled EP is out March 6.


Total Giovanni – “Can’t Control My Love”

Music for… anyone who can relate to the kid in the video below. Heart of gold that just can’t hold back the flood. Has to love and has to DANCE!

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Future: More love. More dancing. More Total Giovanni.

Yeo – “Secret Powers” (feat. Yule Post)

Music forignoring Zane Lowe and recreating your own moments from Drive. Yeo flexes his own secret powers again with this surging and slightly haunting synth groover. Add in Yule Posts great vocal balance, the weirdo sax parts, and the keytar in silhouette in the video and we have ourselves a blowout jam!

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Future: B-side “If you Were” is streaming at Soundcloud.

Dirty South – “Unbreakable”

Sounds like… Dirty South’s own Ruben Haze project is rubbing off on him(self). However meta you make it, I am digging this soulful sunset dance groover. Primetime for remixing into all the hours of the night. Or enjoying straight up.

Location: Melbourne. Around the world.

Future: Massive stages everywhere.


//Fractures – “Won’t Win”

Music For… working out all that baggage you still carry for that manipulative ex who turned everything into an argument. And didn’t even like The Foals or Breton. What a moron…

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Future: Debut EP out now.

Lyric corner: My eyeballs leak, they’re lubricating, Try to think of something else.

[PREMIERE] The Bamboos – “Avenger” (Javelin Remix)

Melbourne’s The Bamboos are dropping the “Avenger” remixes EP next Tuesday and this kicked back and funked out take is a fantastic return by TBE faves Javelin. Where the heck have those weirdos been? Never mind, we’re just glad they are back with this slice of daytime poolside sci-fi booty shaking music. Don’t miss getting into the original as well before all the remixes drop next week!

Ruben Haze – “City Of Dreams”

[soundcloud id=’136523935′]

Melancholy in the best way. Melbourne’s Ruben Haze strums us through his soulful folk-tinged jam “City of Dreams” and the mood couldn’t be more perfect for this post-downpour weather here in LA. What is even more impressive is that half of Ruben Haze is the mega DJ Dirty South. Always nice to see someone stepping outside their comfort zone and making different music for different people. Can I still request a Dirty South remix of this jam though?