Memoryy – “First Love (feat. Troy Ramey)”

Memoryy – “No Time Like Now”

Memoryy – “Turning The Page (Grand Atrium Remix)” // Faith XLVII

Summer’s officially over, but that doesn’t stop us from reliving our sun-specked holidays. Grand Atrium revisits this jam from Memoryy and gives it an excellent poolside feel, adding some space and a heavy dose of vibe. This track is featured on the Skeletons Remixes EP, which also has remixes by Body Language and Reighnbeau.

For more grooves by Memoryy, check out “I Thought You Needed My Love” from VINYL MOON Volume 019: Sacred Dust.

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Memoryy – “Not Over You” /// Lili des Bellons

If you’re looking for a technicolor breakup anthem, Memoryy’s got your fix. From his album “Skeletons,” out now via Keytarred and Feathered, “Not Over You” is wonderfully executed synth-pop with a palpable love for the genre. Catchy and flourescent, the track is bound to be a fist-pumping moment on dancefloors far and wide. You can get even more Memoryy with “I Thought You Needed My Love”, a collaboration with Odd Year, which can be found on VINYL MOON Volume 019: Sacred Dust.

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Memoryy – “Running” // Bo Bartlett

Memoryy continues the tease to his forthcoming SKELETONS LP (April 11th) with this synthed up jammer tailor made for 80s movie montages about escaping bullies or building robots or other cool things that we don’t think about enough these days.

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Memoryy – “Turn It Up” // Mike Mezeul

Put a little heat into your night with new one from TBE fave Memoryy! From the “SKELETONS” LP coming in March. Memoryy himself says…

A few months back The Huffington Post wrote an article on me titled “Redefining Synth-Pop” & this fun 80’s throwback takes that headline & puts a big fat exclamation point on the end.
I have plans of carjacking a DeLorean, traveling back to 1986 & getting this song placed in a John Hughes movie montage of girls shopping or guys playing beach volleyball, or something like that.

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Memoryy – “I Thought You Needed My Love (feat Odd Year)” // Soey Milk

For when love turns into a devil-eyed cat with an appetite for your soul and the only way to defeat the thing is with strobe lights and hair flips. And possibly a very stiff drink or two. Per usual, Memoryy has your heartbreak hangover soundtrack covered.

From the forthcoming “SKELETONS” LP, out in March.

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TROY loads some bullets into this SONG, MAN. Cheers to MEMORYY for the ammo.

I don’t know my silky tongued man Troy here but I’m damn familiar with Memoryy and his penchant for making some damn sexy sounds. Like lovemaking music in a video game from the future that is set back in 2016.  Read more